Screaming Beans 1 – Amsterdam (NL)

The posh side of specialty coffee

  • opening times:
    Mo - Fr: 8 - 17,  Sa: 8:30 - 17,  Su: 10 - 17
  • wifi:
  • urls:
  • price check:
    Espresso €2,25 / Flat White €3,50
  • machine:
    Kees van der Westen Mirage
  • coffees on offer:
    various Espresso and filter roasts
  • milk:
    Albert Heijn

Much has happened at Screaming Beans over the past few years. When I first discovered one of Amsterdam’s earliest specialty coffee bars I went to attend a cappuccino making course, years ago. At the time, Screaming Beans was still a bit rougher around the edges, a bit more alternative you might say.

The classy front of Screaming Beans 1

The classy front of Screaming Beans 1

Over the past few years founder Dick van den Heuvel completely changed the look and feel of his original Hartenstraat espresso bar, opened one of the city’s finest dining experiences (Screaming Beans Restaurant) and  set up shop on Haarlemmestraat with a second espresso bar. The restaurant closed down unfortunately but this is by far not the end of Screaming Beans. 

Coffees are served with a small piece of pastry

Coffees are served with a small piece of pastry

Indeed, this iconic Amsterdam brand that closely works with Bocca for all of its coffee needs, offers one of the few table service coffee experiences in town. The idea is that coffee should be treated just like wine or exquisite cocktails and therefore be served with style and skill. 

The original location on Hartenstraat is still the main breadwinner as its in the throng of things and very popular with advertising agency workers from the neighbourhood. Next to its coffees, Screaming Beans also offers a nice selection of pastries, simple dishes for breakfast and lunch and lots of coffee brewing equipment.

The coffee bar

The coffee bar

Screaming Beans has played an integral part in pushing the city’s specialty coffee scene forward and attempting to adopt already successful concepts like fine dining and coffee but maybe Amsterdam wasn’t quite ready for this type of lavishness. For the time being, Screaming Beans will concentrate serving great coffee in its two locations in the centre of town.

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