Workshop Coffee – London (UK)

Where excellent coffees, great food and outstanding service come together to form one of London’s most exciting coffee concepts.

  • opening times:
    Mo: 7:30 - 18, Tu - Fr: 7:30 - 22, Sa - Su: 8 - 18
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  • price check:
    Espresso: £2.20 / Flat White: £2.80
  • machine:
  • coffees on offer:
    various Espresso and filter roasts
  • milk:
    Northiam Dairy

Workshop Coffee in London is one of the city’s first food and drink concepts that artfully combined high quality food, excellent drinks and perfectly prepared coffee. Founded in 2011 by James Dickson and the former director of Intelligentsia’s L.A. operations Tim Williams, Workshop Coffee now includes a spectacular roastery and three coffee bars in the heart of London.

A delicious iced

A delicious iced coffee

Although the name may be a bit confusing at first – I half-expected it to be some kind of coffee bar in a squatted building – the total opposite is true when you actually lay eyes on the venue(s). The Clerkenwell Café and Roastery in particular perfectly showcase what Workshop is all about: showcasing the finest specialty coffees in a beautiful setting, and combining them with outstanding food and excellent drinks.

A beautiful place to roast

A beautiful place to roast

During my visit, I sat down at one of the window seats and enjoyed a spectacular ocean trout with miso while my friend Tom devoured the organic baked eggs. To wash it all down with we had the iced Ethiopia, Hunkute that my friend Tom described as: “Simply gorgeous.”

The table service is a nice touch, and the staff was well trained and very friendly. What impressed me the most was the back area where the coffee is roasted. In contrast to the slightly dark bar area, the roasting section almost makes you feel like you’re in a tropical garden.

Very minimalistic road sign

Very minimalistic road sign

Big sky lights flood the space with sunlight and exposed brick walls covered in green combine into creating what must be one of the best work spaces you can possibly wish for as a coffee roaster.

The big table for a nice quick lunch

The big table for a nice quick lunch

Most recently, Workshop launched their new packaging and slightly adapted branding, that makes is even classier than before. And, if you don’t want to go for the full fine-dining experience, you can visit their other cafés in Holborn, Marylbone and Fitzrovia.

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admin said:

Cheers Harv! Nice to hear from you and we're glad you like our blog. Yours seems cool too. But why so grumpy looking? :D

Harv said:

Workshop is a real favourite of mine. I've been reviewing some coffee shops myself over on - do take a look. Comments, feedback etc all gratefully received.

MeezStephanie said:

Can't believe I missed this one. But I HAVE been to the other, just as lovely Workshop, in Marylebone.

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