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✓ Unique Monthly Coffee Boxes

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Global Coffeevine box #1 (Proud Mary & Subtext)

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Global Coffeevine box #1 roasters:
Proud Mary & Subtext
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We are truly thrilled to share the first edition of our much-anticipated Global Coffeevine box. After nearly ten years of showcasing the best European roasters, we want to broaden our horizon. This new box will give you unprecedented access to the most exciting roasters from Japan, Australia, America, Canada, Singapore, the UAE and many more countries besides.

You can either buy the full set with both coffees or individual bags if you only want to receive one of the two coffees. These coffees come with a filter roast only.

Our launch partners for the first edition are Proud Mary from Portland by way of Melbourne and Subtext from Toronto. Two absolutely brilliant roasters who are at the top of their game and great representants of their respective home cities.

Their coffees are:

  • Proud Mary: Mexico, Santuario Ixhuatlan – Red Bourbon | Red Honey
  • Subtext: Colombia, Faver Ninco – Pink Bourbon | Washed


If you are a Coffeevine subscriber, you can add this selection to your regular Coffeevine box using the code we provided in a recent email.

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Global Coffeevine Box

Full set: Proud Mary & Subtext (2 x 250g), Proud Mary: Mexico, Santuaria Ixhuatlan – Single bag (250g), Subtext: Colombia, Faver Ninco – Single bag (250g)


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