Timemore Scale Basic Plus

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The Timemore scale basic plus is the ideal scale for precision brewing. Its compact no-nonsense design minimises distraction and unnecessary functions while the compact shape makes it ideal for pourover as well as measuring espresso shots.
It is only 2.8cm high and weighs 380g. Its scale surface is 15.2cm long and 13cm wide. It is accurate to 0.1s, 0.1g, with the minimum initial weight of 0.5g, and the maximum bearing load of 2kg. Built-in 1600mAh rechargeable battery and a Type-C USB port are available for charging at any time, anywhere. After being fully charged, it can last for 10 hours.
A physical switch on the side of the new version helps to prevent accidental activation and reduce power consumption. Comes with a silicone mat.


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