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✓ Unique Monthly Coffee Boxes
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Here you’ll find articles about our boxes, custom brew guides, interviews, and other interesting stuff.

Brew guide for the September 2021 box

For this month's brew guide, I brought out my good old French Press, which makes a surprisingly and good and rewarding cup of coffee

In the October 2021 Coffeevine box

Our upcoming October 2021 Coffeevine box is filled with three gorgeous coffees that will be your ideal companion for those autumn days

Calendar Coffee: Guatemala – Sotero Cano

Ireland's Calendar Coffee is this month, this time with a super delicious selection of coffees from Guatemala

The Barn: Costa Rica – Volcan Azul

The Barn is back for a fresh Coffeevine feature with a gorgeous natural-processed Caturra from Volcan Azul in Costa Rica

Brew guide for the August 2021 box

For this month's brew guide, I filmed a little video in Iceland where I brewed coffee with fresh glacial mountain water. Take a look.

In the September 2021 Coffeevine box

For the September 2021 Coffeevine box I've got a real treat for you with three stunning coffees from Kiss The Hippo, Calendar and The Barn

POP Coffee Works: Ecuador – Finca Cruz Loma

Our first Ecuadorian coffee is a delicious anaerobic washed coffee roasted by Toronto's POP Coffee Works for the August 2021 Coffeevine box

Introducing the second Gems edition of 2021

Featuring a stunning Caturra from Finca Elida from Panama roasted by Finnish Barista Champion Kaapo Paavolainen

Man Met Bril Koffie: Brazil – Recanto 175

A truly exceptional coffee from Brazilian producer Rafael Vinhal that will take your tastebuds to the Copa Cabana

UE Coffee Roasters: Honduras – Aracely Martinez

Discover the delicious coffee from Honduran producer Aracely Martinez that will be roasted by UE Coffee Roasers in August

Brew guide for the July 2021 box

The July 2021 Coffeevine box puts summer in your cup with three gorgeous coffees from Doubleshot, Bailies and Love Coffee

The Coffeevine ships 100% carbon neutral

We're working hard to find ways to reduce our impact on the environment and shipping 100% carbon neutral is one step in the right direction

In the August 2021 Coffeevine box

The August 2021 Coffeevine box will feature a selection of gorgeous coffees from Man Met Bril, Pop Coffee Works & UE Coffee Roasters

Brew guide for the June 2021 box

For this month's brew guide, I created a delicious non-alcoholic cold brew Spritz that will be a true delight during the summer months

In the July 2021 Coffeevine box

Summer is here and with it, our most colourful box of the year with outstanding coffees from Bailies, Double Shot and Love Coffee.

Launching the brand new Gems Coffeevine box with rare competition levels coffees

It's time to expand The Coffeevine's unique coffee offering with a brand new box featuring spectacular competition-level coffees

Brew guide for the May 2021 box

In this brew guide, discover a brand new coffee brewer and a bunch of fun recipes from my three roasters and me.

In the June 2021 Coffeevine box

Discover delicious coffees from Sloane, Per Nordby and Hoppenworth & Ploch in the June 2021 Coffeevine box

It’s time we retired our obsession with roast dates

A few thoughts on freshness, a bit of science and some ideas about how we can improve the freshness of our coffees.

Brew guide for the April 2021 box

For the latest Coffeevine brew guide, I've pulled out my good old syphon to create some magic in my home. What will you choose?

In the May 2021 Coffeevine box

Get ready to dive into another spectacular selection of coffees, this time from Onyx Coffee Lab, Fjord Coffee & Casino Mocca.

Start a local Coffeevine Collective in your city

A unique solution for a group of coffee lovers to get access to our coffees no matter where they are in the world

The Coffeevine partners with Barista Hustle

We're teaming up with the world's leading coffee education platform to offer our subscribers free access to a wealth of courses

Brew guide for the March 2021 box

Enjoy the three gorgeous coffees from my March 2021 coffee subscription box with handy recipes from my three roasters and one from me

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