– Our Coffee Box –

What is a coffee box?

Our coffee box is a monthly coffee delivery containing either one, two or three bags of 250g of freshly roasted whole bean coffee. Each coffee is sourced from a leading independent coffee roaster and put together by The Coffeevine in Amsterdam before traveling to our subscribers, individual and business customers all over the world.

Do you only offer subscriptions?

No we don’t. If you don’t want to subscribe to our no-strings-attached coffee subscription, you can just opt for our one off box. This allows you to buy just one box at a time.

What kind of coffees do you include in your coffee boxes?

We only select the highest quality Arabica, single origin coffees from the finest roasters. Our roasters are the best in their field and take great pride in their craft. Many practice direct trade and buy their coffees directly from the farmers, while others work with renowned green coffee importers. We don’t ever include Robusta coffees or things like Kopi Luwak.

How do you select your coffees?

We have a tasting panel consisting of professional baristas, roasters and competition judges who join us once a month to blind-taste and rate the large number of coffee samples that we receive. At the end of each cupping session, we pick the three best tasting coffees to go into our next box.

Are the coffees pre-ground?

No. We expressedly do not offer pre-ground coffees in our coffee boxes to ensure that the coffees maintain their maximum freshness and to keep unnecessary waste at a minimum. In addition, our roasters put a great deal of love and thought into their packaging and we celebrate their brands just as much as their coffees.

How do the subscriptions work?

Our subscriptions are all billed monthly recurring intervals. There is no minimum duration period. You keep the boxes coming as long as you like, and when you’re done, you can either suspend your subscription for a limited amount of time or you can cancel. Our boxes are always shipped on the exactly the 20th of every month. We don’t do any shipping before or after that date.

How much does a subscription cost?

Our subscriptions are priced at €14, €27 and €39 for the S, M and L box, respectively.

How easy is it to cancel my subscription?

Very easy. You can cancel any time, no questions asked.

Can I suspend my subscription while I am traveling, for example??

Yes, if you just want to skip a box or two, you can temporarily halt your subscription by ‘suspending’ it in your account. Please note: If you’ve already paid for the next coffee box and then suspend your subscription shortly after, you will still receive the box unless you contact us to prevent the delivery.

What shipping options do you offer?

All boxes are shipped via the Dutch postal service Postnl. Only this way can we offer the cheapest shipping rates possible.

We offer flat-fee shipping to Europe and the world at €5 and €10 respectively. Tracked shipping is optional and priced at €8.50 and €15.50 to Europe and the world respectively. If you live in Amsterdam you can also choose ‘free pick up’ and collect your box from our workshop in De Baarsjes.

We do our best to offer the most competitive shipping rates and for obvious reasons we cannot offer free shipping.

Where do you ship?

We ship to the entire world but experience has taught that our deliveries can take a long time to certain destinations. If you live outside the EU or in a country with tight customs regulations or an unreliable postal service, we strongly recommend choosing our tracked delivery option. Should your country not be available at checkout just send us an email and we can work something out.

Please note that while we do our best to delivery your coffee on time and as fresh as possible, we cannot be held accountable for slow customs clearance or local delivery.

My box didn’t arrive! What now?

It happens every now and again that a box is returned to us for different reasons. If you are a subscriber and your box was returned because you were on holiday or for another reason, then we can send the contents back free of charge inside your next box.

If you provided an incorrect address or if you didn’t claim your box, we can only resend it for an incidental shipping fee.

Ok great! I received my box but I really don’t like the coffees. What now?

That’s a pity. We take the greatest care to select only the finest and most delicious coffees but of course, coffee is a very subjective product, not unlike wine, chocolate or cheese.  If you really don’t like one of our coffees, why not give it to one of your friends? Sharing is caring!

(For hygene reasons we absolutely cannot accept returns of opened coffee bags and we don’t offer refunds on opened boxes.)

I’m really not very experienced with the whole coffee making process. How can I learn to get the most out of my beans?

We made our handy brew guide available for anyone to view online. This has been carefully assembled and should give you a good idea of how to work with your coffees. If this is not enough you can also check out www.brewmethods.com for more recipes from coffee specialists.

I love the coffee box. Can I also give this as a gift?

Absolutely! You can just select the “give as gift” option on our subscriptions page and really help to make someone’s day. Our gift boxes are identical to our regular tasting boxes, except that you can add a greeting card to make it more personal and tell your loved one, friend or work relation that it was you who did it.

Or just keep it a secret and see if the lucky one can work it out for him/herself?

I loved one or more coffees from my box. Where can I get more?

That’s great to hear! The best way to order more coffee is to contact the roaster directly or to purchase more coffee from his / her webshop. This way you can support them directly and give them some love.

One of the bags had more/less than 250g in it. Did I get ripped off?

Not at all. Our website says that we work with bags containing 250g but sometimes our selected roasters use slightly smaller or bigger bags – 200g or 340g for example. While we want to be sure that everyone gets their money’s worth, we cannot ask our roasters to use bags only for us. Rest assured however that the coffees you’ll receive will always be outstanding, delicious and worth every penny.