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OUR COFFEE BOX / Europe’s most delicious coffee experience

BBC Good Food called our coffee box: “The coffee lovers’ must-have.”

Discover, every month, up to three delicious single origin coffees roasted specially for us by some of the world’s most exciting roasters. We’ve got the perfect box to suit every need, and by choosing specialty coffee you’re also helping coffee growers to make a better living.

A better cup for a better world.



Our team of experts blind-taste and handpick only the best coffees from the world’s finest independent roasters.



Once chosen, each coffee is roasted to perfection just for you, so its flavours are at their very best.



Our coffees are lovingly hand-packed, and delivered straight to your door, complete with a bespoke brew guide.



And now for the best bit. You get to enjoy rare and spectacular coffee every day. Happy brewing.


With freshly roasted coffees from: Reykjavik Roasters, Hola Coffee & Lippe / ships on 20-08

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WHAT SETS us apart? / A cup above ...

• Exclusive partnerships with all of the world’s best roasters
• Named one of ‘8 must haves’ for the perfect cup of coffee by BBC Good Food
• More than four years supporting and working with the global coffee community
• A passionate team of coffee lovers, baristas, roasters and Q graders
• A commitment to quality and service like no other

Blog / News, recipes, interviews & more

Brew guide: Our July ’17 coffee box selection


With custom-made recipes from our three awesome roasters: Taf, Colonna & Sloane. Get the most out of your delicious coffees!



We’re looking for a talented individual or group whose work will be featured on the next generation of our beautiful sleeves. Are you the one?

Meet the roasters from our August ’17 coffee box


Featuring an exciting triple debut from Reykjavik Roasters, Hola Coffee and Lippe.

Taf Coffee: Living Greek legends


Leader in sustainability, direct trade and the awards tally of its staff, Taf Coffee from Athens is the third amazing roaster to be featured in our July ’17 coffee box

Cafe Reviews / Personally visited and recommended by us

Saint Georges – Madrid (ES)


A friendly neighbourhood café in vibrant Chamberí that flawlessly combines outstanding coffee with traditional Aussie hospitality

Hola Coffee – Madrid (ES)


The friendliest neighbourhood café in Lavapies has quickly become one of Madrid’s number one go-to places for a great cup of coffee

Peek-A-Bloom – Athens (GR)


The newest arrival on the Greek capital’s coffee/brunch/bar circuit is the second location from the team behind Mind The Cup

Newwerktheater – Amsterdam (NL)


A former theater that fell into oblivion is the most exciting new arrival on the Amsterdam coffee scene. But great coffee is not all it’s good at.