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OUR COFFEE BOX / Your one-stop-shop for great coffee

There is coffee and then there is coffee. You know, really amazing coffee. That is precisely what we are specialised in. Since 2015 we’ve been hunting down, tasting and selecting only the most delicious coffees from the world’s most exciting roasters that you can conveniently discover from a box at your door, every month.

Our coffee box is the coffee lover’s dream turned into reality. Ready to join?



Our team of experts blind-taste and handpick only the best coffees from the world’s finest independent roasters.



Once chosen, each coffee is roasted to perfection just for you, so its flavours are at their very best.



Our coffees are lovingly hand-packed, and delivered straight to your door, with custom brew guides available online.



And now for the best bit. You get to enjoy rare and spectacular coffee every day. Happy brewing.


Featuring freshly roasted coffees from Way, Mr. Hoban’s & Single Estate Coffee | Ships on 20-09


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In our September ’19 coffee box


Our 9th box of the year 2019 will see us teaming up with three Coffeevine debutants coming from Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium

Roaster profile: Dark Arts


Dark Arts Coffee from London’s Hackney neighbourhood makes its magical Coffeevine debut with a sweet and silky Guatemalan coffee from Finca Palo Blanco

Roaster profile: The Barn


Returning to the Vine for the 5th time this August, Ralf and his dedicated team will be roasting a gorgeous honey-processed Ethiopian coffee for us

Roaster profile: Jonas Reindl


Hailing from Vienna, Jonas Reindl is only our second-ever Austrian roaster to be featured and is making its debut with a gorgeous coffee from Finca Hartmann

Cafe Reviews / Personally visited and recommended by us

ABC Coffee Roasters – Moscow (RU)


Combining sleek design with outstanding coffee and excellent service, ABC Coffee Roasters is raising the bar pretty high for other Muscovites to follow

The Barn Hackescher Markt – Berlin – (DE)


Paying homage to its historic surroundings, The Barn’s latest outlet in Berlin’s Hackescher Markt is probably the closest interpretation of its own name

Rosslyn Coffee – London (UK)


Run by a friendly Australian duo and located in the city’s Golden Triangle, Rosslyn has received rave reviews from the moment it opened its doors.

Coava – San Diego (US)


One of Portland’s leading coffee roasters expands along the West Coast by opening a huge coffee bar in downtown San Diego.