Our one-off coffee box

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This month's Roasters

In the February 2021 box: fresh coffees from DAK, Ernst Kaffeeröster and Vannelli Coffee.


The one-off coffee box is the ideal choice for anyone who just wants to try The Coffeevine out or wants to buy a specific edition without any strings attached. The one-off box is a single delivery. Choose between 1 and 5 bags and your preferred roast profile.

Please note: Some of our roasters work with omni-roast profiles instead of separate profiles for filter and espresso. Your bags will come with a custom Coffeevine sticker to indiciate which profile they have.

The upcoming one-off box shipment will include coffees from DAK, Ernst Kaffeeröster and Vannelli Coffee and will ship on 20-01-2021.

How we allocate our coffees:

Small box: One of our three coffees

Medium box: Two of our three coffees

Large box: All of our three coffees

Extra Large box: Four bags from our selection of three coffees

Extra Extra Large box: Five bags from our selection of three coffees

If you prefer certain coffees form our monthly lineup, you can add a note at checkout to tell us about your preference.

Additional information

Box size

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Roast profile

Filter, Espresso, Mixed


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Our one-off coffee box

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Our coffee boxes are always in high demand so don’t miss your chance to secure yours.