Five Ways Coffee blends Aussie hospitality with Amsterdam coolness

Five Ways Coffee blends Aussie hospitality with Amsterdam coolness

The city's latest favourite hangout also roasts outstanding coffees, two of which will be featured in our May 2023 Coffeevine box

When Benjamin Kozica-O’Callaghan opened his first of two new cafés in Amsterdam in 2021, he and his co-founder Paul Jenner went all in. They took over two pretty iconic locations in Amsterdam West and Amsterdam East and transformed them into what have surely become two of the city’s most popular new coffee hangouts. It seems that no costs were spared and that is something you can see and taste.

I first met Ben when he was still working at Lot Sixty One and later doing guest shifts at other Coffeevine favourite places in town such as Uncommon and Coffee District. Back then, he was already clear that one day, he wanted to have his own roastery and cafés. It didn’t take long for the idea to gain shape.

In fact, it was during the pandemic that my partner Michal and I first drank coffee from his roastery upstart Five Ways at Mundi, a local café near our home and before long, the old Koffiesalon on the Kinkerstraat was taken over and turned into Five Ways’ first flagship café. At this location, they only serve coffee (so far) but the space is pretty iconic and you have the choice of at least four espresso and two batchbrews. With giant windows facing the daily market, a secret backroom, an old safe sticking out of the wall and a former vault below, this Five Ways coffee shop is always busy.

At the second location in the East of the city, the team also serves delicious breakfast and brunch dishes alongside natural wines and cocktails, and if spring ever truly arrives, there is even a huge terrace too. To top it all off, Five Ways offers that distinct Aussie hospitality that we all over and appreciate. It just really goes a long way when you are greeted with a warm smile and the barista remembers your name.


For Five Ways’ Coffeevine debut in one our Coffeevine boxes this month, the guys are offering our suhscribers two stunning natural processed Ethiopian coffees, the Arbegona for filter and the Bombe for espresso. The latter is a Coffeevine favourite that we’ve featured a handful of times over the years while the former is a new one for us. These coffees both have a delicious and sweet cup profile with juicy berry notes and a jammy depth of flavour.

They are classic Sidamos that offer a great represenation of this Ethiopian region’s key characteristics. No matter which one you end up receiving this month, you will be in seventh coffee heaven after your first sip and they will give you an excellent impression of what Five Ways stands for, namely expertise, craftsmanship and being artisans.

To receive this delicious coffee alongside picks from Odd Kin and Ineffable, head over to our shop

and place your order before 15.05 / Ships globally on 20.05

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