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Ineffable Coffee: El Salvador – FES 48h anaerobic

Ineffable Coffee from Seville makes its debut in a Coffeevine box with a beautiful 48h anaerobically processed coffee from El Salvador

The third and final roaster who is sending us some exquisite coffee for the upcoming November 2021 Coffeevine box is a rising star from Spain and goes by the name of Ineffable.

I first came across this exciting roaster while visiting Seville with my parents just before the pandemic broke out. As I headed to different local cafés to fuel up and get a sense for the local specialty coffee scene, I came across Ineffable’s coffees in various places and each one raved about this local hero.

Seville, is of course, more famous for flamenco, bull fighting and its stunning cathedral, amongst other things, yet Omar, Jose and Alejandro expressedly chose this city to bring high quality specialty coffee to its people and businesses.

During my live Q&A with Jose and Omar, they shared that they both grew up together in Seville and then met each other again while they were both living in Cape Town. Jose was already working as a barista and Omar had just discovered specialty coffee and when they came back, they put one and one together and set up Ineffable.

Their approach is simple. They source the tastiest coffees they can find, roast them to perfection on their recently installed Probat and supply local and nation-wide customers in Spain and soon to the world via our upcoming November box.

We had a few different options on the table during our live cupping event in Helsinki a few weeks ago and two of the top favourites that night were from Finca El Salvador, one a 48h anaerobic and the other a 120h anerobic fermented coffee.

Both of these stood out with their gorgeous and complex cup profiles but in the end, we had to choose one and that was the 48h one.

Finca El Salvador is run by Rodolfo Ruffatti Batlle who is a 4th generation coffee farmer with Italian heritage. Funnily enough, he didn’t just join our Live Q&A the other day but also was present when I cupped the coffees for the December box with my friends from Primavera Coffee in Amsterdam.

Rodolfo is a facinating guy who is currently spending a lot of time in Europe while working on his own natural wine startup in Italy. Processing has been one of his biggest interests, something that he skillfully applies to coffee at his finca. Located in the Cerro El Aguila, the farm cultivates a lot of exotic varietals and uses experimental processing to give coffees a unique cup profile.

We’re excited to be sharing such an exquisite coffee from El Salvador and roasted by our new friends from Ineffable as part of the upcoming November box. Looking to get your own Coffeevine box? Just visit our shop to order yours.

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