Brew guide for the August ’20 Coffeevine box

Here's my brew guide for the August '20 Coffeevine box with one recipe from me and three from our awesome roasters. Brew for gold!

What a summer it’s been, eh? The last few weeks have been crazy hot here in Amsterdam, making it almost unnecessary to go on holidays anywhere. People have been swimming in the canals and going on long bike rides out into the countryside.

It’s precisely the kind of summer that we all wanted. I hope you’ve also had a chance to spend lots of time outdoors wherever you are.

As I type this, I am still sitting in my warehouse, glad that the August ’20 Coffeevine box just got picked up and all of my lovely coffee boxes are now on their way to my wonderful customers all over the world.

If you also want to enjoy some of the most delicious and exotic coffees from a box at your door every month, just sign up for your own coffee subscription. You’ll fall in love in no time.

Now, let’s get into the yummy coffees from Fiorelli, Triple Co. Roast and Schot Koffie that I just sent away. As always, I’ve put together a little brew guide to help you get the best flavour out of those coffees and added a recipe of my own for the good old Clever Dripper. Ready? Let’s brew.

The Coffeevine coffee subscription August '20

The Coffeevine coffee subscription August '20 - 20g of coffee

The Coffeevine coffee subscription August '20 - coarse grind

The Coffeevine coffee subscription August '20 - Clever Dripper

The Coffeevine coffee subscription August '20 - 300g of water

The Coffeevine coffee subscription August '20 - 3 minute extraction

The Coffeevine coffee subscription August '20 - Always a delicious cup

Basic setup:

As in any good kitchen or bar, you want to be sure to have a few key items at your disposal that will aid you in preparing a delicious cup of coffee.

These include:

    • Scales (with or without a timer – you can use your phone or your watch)
    • A good quality burr grinder such as the Comandante Grinder
    • The Kruve Sifter (not required but handy to filter out fines)
    • Your favourite brew method (Kalita Wave, V60, AeroPress etc)
    • A clean vessel for brewing and decanting
    • Water for brewing, ideally mixed at home.
    • A pouring kettle but a regular kettle will also do, however, it requires more precision
    • For this recipe, I made ice cubes from my own water that I mix using a recipe from Barista Hustle

It’s very important to always freshly grind your coffee just before preparation because coffee is very volatile and quickly loses its full aroma in a matter of minutes.

There are some really handy guides on how to mix your own water for brewing on Barista Hustle. We will soon also post our own recipe for you to use.

My recipe for filter:

Clever Dripper: I love this coffee maker. It’s a full immersion brewer that makes a bigger cup than the Aeropress but has the same basic extraction method of a V60, gravity.

I used a recipe that took into consideration some learnings that I acquired from my friend Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood who recommended to use a very coarse grind and a long extraction to get more flavour out. You can see his presentation that he gave during the most recent instalment of Virtual Coffee Festival here.

Take 20g of coffee and grind it very coarse. Somewhere between Chemex and French Press. Take 300g of water at 100ºC – it’ll cool enough by the time it hits the coffee to not burn it – and fill the Clever Dripper in one go. Put the lid on and let steep.

After 1:3o minutes, give it a good stir and put the lid back on. At 3:00 minutes start decanting. It’ll be done by around 5:00 minutes. Serve and enjoy.

Fiorilli’s recipe for filter:

Aeropress inverted: 17g of coffee ground medium. Pre infusion with 50g of water at 90° – stir 4 times clockwise then a little turn anti clockwise to stop the movement- wait 30” and add 170g of water, stir again and wait for 1’30’.

Fiorilli’s recipe for espresso:

16,5g of coffee ground fine. Extraction time 25 to 26 seconds. Yeld: 35-37g.
Triple Co. Roast’s recipe for filter:
Hario V60: 16g Coffee ground medium-fine. Bloom with 48g of coffee for 45 seconds. Continue to add water until you hit 272g of water total. 92-95c Water temp, total brew time to aim for is 2:15-30.
Triple Co. Roast’s recipe for espresso:
17.5g of coffee in, 40g of espresso yield. 29 seconds.
Schot Koffie’s recipe for filter:
Hario V60: 15g of coffee ground medium. Add 250g of water at 92° – 94°. Brew time: 2:30 minutes.
Schot Koffie’s recipe for espresso:
19g of fine ground coffee. Extraction time: 24 seconds. Yield: 38 – 40g.

Did you like these recipes? Let us know your comments below and feel free to share your own recipes with our readers. 

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Prashant Thapa
6 months ago

I am always looking for the tips and recipes to make coffee better.I found this website randomly when I was searching about some coffee tricks one day.Then I have been following since that day.Meanwhile,I am using the coffee from the Boxcar Coffee Roasters( ) and they are one of the best ever.

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