Cloud Picker are taking us on an adventure to the misty mountains of Rwanda

The specialty coffee pros from the Irish capital are victoriously returning to our coffee box with a triumphant coffee

Rwanda, as tiny as it might be as a nation, is a country of ‘a thousand hills’. This tiny landlocked country in East Africa has one of the continent’s most horrendous history, but since peace returned to the nation, it has been making an impressive effort to get back on its feet.

One of its most important industries is coffee, and anyone who appreciates a good cup of fruity, clean coffee with a sparkling acidity will love the fine single origins produced in the mystic mountains of Rwanda.

View of Huye Mountain

View of Huye Mountain

When Cloud Picker, a name that seems most fitting when you imagine delicate white clouds rolling over green hills, supplied its selection of contenders for our May ’17 coffee box, they knew we were looking for something extraordinary. During last month’s blind cupping, their Huye Mountain stood out as one of the finest coffees on the table, universally applauded by our tasting team for its clean, balanced mouthfeel, gorgeous citrus and berry tasting notes and vibrant acidity.

Huye Mountain HQ

Huye Mountain HQ

Huye Mountain, which was founded by David Rubanzangabo, is located in Southern Rwanda and came to unexpected prominence after being featured in the production ‘A film about coffee’. Up to 1.400 smallholders from the surrounding area deliver their finest coffees to this processing station where they are  sorted for ripeness on arrival, pulped, and dry fermented for 12-15 hours before being washed up to 5 times to ensure that all traces of mucilage are removed, making for a very clean cup.

Cloud Picker's Huye Mountain

Cloud Picker’s Huye Mountain

This coffee was given almost 90 points by its importers and has been described as ‘an excellent example of Rwanda’s finest coffees.’ Cloud Picker from Dublin have applied the perfect finishing touches by roasting this coffee to perfection and bringing out all of the subtle and delicate flavour notes that are hidden within.

We’re extremely proud to welcome back these Dublin based super stars after an almost two year absence in one of our coffee boxes.

Please note: The Huye Mountain is only available as a filter coffee. Espresso drinkers will receive an excellent Guatemala from Cloud Picker this month.

Our May '17 box

Get this coffee together with Vertical Coffee’s Kenya, Kagongo AA and Ernst Kaffeeröster’s Peru, La Flor Del Café in this month’s coffee box.

Order by 15-05 / Ships globally on 20-5


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“An coffee lover’s must-have” – BBC GOOD FOOD

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