Decorated, forward-thinking and handsome: This is Colonna

He won the UK Barista Championships three times, was the first to put his coffee into Nespresso capsules and now he’s finally appearing in our coffee box

The specialty coffee world is full of truly unique, hardworking and talented characters. You just need to pay attention to the annual barista, aeropress, roaster, cup taster, brewers etc. competitions to get a feel for the passion, dedication and innovation that some of our fellow coffee professionals carry within them. Not to mention all your local baristas and roasters!

Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood (courtesy of

Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood (courtesy of

When looking at the UK, undoubtedly Europe’s most advanced specialty coffee scene, one name in particular always comes to mind. Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood. With a name like that you may be fooled into thinking he’s a regular at Wimbledon or a chart-topping musician, and to some degree, he is. Winning the UK Barista Championships three times and repeadedly reaching the world finals are just two of his great accomplishments. He’s also written a much referenced book on water quality and was amongst the first, if not THE first to put specialty coffee into Nespresso compatible capsules.

Colonna's compostable capsules

Colonna’s compostable capsules

As you can surely imagine, it was a dream come true when Colonna’s team reached out to us to ask about participating in one of our coffee boxes, and after smashing our most recent blind-tasting session with a spectacular Ethiopia, Gigesa natural, we’re more than proud to finally welcome these great people to our family of outstanding roasters.

The Gigesa was the last coffee on our table and many members of our team gasped and ‘ooohed’ when they got to it. Offering unprecedented notes of licorice, lavender and cherry, this coffee is by far one of the most exciting naturals that we have tasted in many months. Originally part of the Yirgacheffe region, coffee from Guji is now classified separately because of its distinctive cup profile and outstanding green quality.

Colonna's Ethiopia, Gigesa

Colonna’s Ethiopia, Gigesa

Its gorgeous aromatic and beautifully sweet finish made this coffee a true standout on our table, and together with two other unique coffees with distinct processing methods, hailing from Taf Coffee and Sloane Coffee Roasters, this coffee from Colonna completes our delicious July ’17 coffee box line up.

Our July '17 coffee box

Our July ’17 coffee box

Don’t miss your chance to secure this exquisite coffee lineup!

Order our July ’17 coffee box by 15-07 / Ships globally on 20-7


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