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Coaltown Coffee Roasters make their debut with a beautiful Colombia, Acevedo in our June ’17 coffee box

Wales is a proud but relatively quiet nation that forms part of the United Kingdom. Its known for its lush valleys, wild beaches and unique culture that includes its own language. While it lacks a global phenomenon like Ireland’s St. Patrick’s Day, Wales is as synonymous with Celtic heritage as Scottish kilts and Irish freckles.

Beaumaris Castle

Beaumaris Castle

For this month’s ‘Britain special’ June ’17 coffee box we decided to team up with three of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’s leading roasters who hail from every country that makes up this nation, except England. Sorry guys, but you have London and we all know how amazing London’s coffee culture is. Now it’s time for others to stand in the spotlight.

Barmouth bridge

Barmouth bridge

Coaltown Coffee Roasters hail from the small Welsh town of Ammanford that was once known as one of the main producers of some of the world’s best anthracite coal. In recent years, as coal mining has become increasingly unattractive in the wake of renewable and more environmentally friendly energy sources, many mines started to close down and as a result, numerous Welsh towns have started to feel deserted as young people leave for the bigger cities in search of a better life.

Scott James

Scott James

In an effort to counter this trend and to offer Ammanford a new sense of pride, Coaltown Coffee Roasters founders Scott and Gordon James opened up their roastery and tasting room in the heart of what was becoming an increasingly deprived town.

A delicious cappuccino

A delicious cappuccino

Today, they roast beautiful specialty coffees from various origins and have been part of a movement that is breathing new life into Wales in many sectors. During our most recent blind cupping, their Colombia, Acevado was one of the clear winners on our table, offering notes of chocolate, hazelnut and orange peel and a complex body.

Our pick for our June '17 box

Our pick for our June ’17 box

Coaltown joins our other two ‘Celtic Connection’ roasters Root & Branch and Artisan Roast in providing a delicious taste of what is happening in other parts of Britain. We’re thrilled to welcome them on board.

Our entire June '17 box lineup

Our entire June ’17 box lineup

Get this coffee together with Root & Branch’s Kenya, Othaya and Artisan Roast’s Ethiopia, Aricha in this month’s coffee box.

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Every month, we feature three spectacular coffees from the likes of: La Cabra, Drop Coffee, The Barn, Workshop Coffee, The Coffee Collective, Tim Wendelboe and more.

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