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Delicious, freshly roasted coffees from Nero Scuro, The Underdog and Arctic

We’re fast approaching the end of the year and with the arrival of 2018 we’ll be entering another year filled with great coffees from many more outstanding roasters. Our [1/18] – the new numbering we’re giving to our monthly coffee boxes, standing for January 2018 – coffee box will feature three Coffeevine debutants who have never been featured before, each one roasting a truly delicious single origin coffee specially for our customers all over the world.

The nations that these three roasters are from could not be more different. Each one has its very own and unique coffee culture that, in the case of Italy for example, goes back centuries and has greatly defined how modern day espresso is consumed. Someone recently said to me: “Can you believe that some people even think coffee actually grows in Italy? We have so much more work to do!”

By bringing these three roasters together in one unique coffee box, we are offering you an opportunity to dive into the exciting specialty coffee cultures of Italy, Greece and Norway in a way you’d not be able to access otherwise.

Our January '18 coffee box lineup

Our January ’18 coffee box lineup

Nero Scuro is one of very few specialty coffee roasters doing outstanding work in a nation that might be famed for its coffee culture but where specialty coffee is by en large almost impossible to come by. Founded by coffee enthusiast Paolo Tessarolo in 2013, Nero Scuro works exclusively with some of the finest and most unique coffees out there, many of them exclusive micro lots. Paolo is part of a small group of pioneering Italian roasters who are trying to change the perception of Italian coffee abroad while also offering their fellow countrymen and women a chance to experience a very different side of coffee that most have never tasted before.

Our coffee pick from Nero Scuro: Guatamala, Finca El Limonar (washed)

Founder and head roaster Paolo Tessarolo

Founder and head roaster Paolo Tessarolo

The Underdog from Athens is a true success story from a country that has received a lot of negative press in recent years with news coverage largely focusing on its economic malaise and role in the refugee crisis. Yet, when you wander through the streets of the Greek capital you cannot help but feel amazed by the blossoming specialty coffee, craft beer and food culture that has largely gone unnoticed by foreign media. The Underdog is an award winning and wonderfully vibrant specialty coffee venue where the greatest care is being taken to showcase fine coffees and local beers alongside tasty brunches.

Our coffee pick from The Underdog: Ethiopia, Yria (natural)

Award winning barista and trainer at The Underdog Michalis Dimitrakopoulos

Award winning barista and trainer at The Underdog Michalis Dimitrakopoulos

Arctic Coffee Roasters from Norway is a relative newcomer to the Nordic coffee roasting scene but the business that it is built on is now in its third generation. Under its current general manager Petter Sjulstad Arctic Coffee Roasters has joined the likes of Talor & Jorgen, Langøra, Nord, Kaffa and many more who have and continue to develop a coffee scene that has, in many ways, been the role model for many younger scenes across the European continent. Norwegians are known for roasting their coffees relatively lightly in order to bring out more of the fruity, floral and citrusy notes.

Our coffee pick from Arctic: Ethiopia, Gona Gore (washed)

Coffee roasting at Arctic

Coffee roasting at Arctic

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