Java Coffee’s Honduras, El Sauce is a fully-bodied latina

Full-bodied, clean and delicious. A perfect representation of Santa Barbara’s innovative coffee farmers.

The vast majority of coffees that made it into our most recent coffee boxes hailed from Africa. Not terribly surprising considering that so many of them were fresh off the boat as it were, and here at The Coffeevine, we always make sure to go with the seasons, to guarantee that our customers get nothing but the best.

During our most recent blind-tasting session, we received an incredible wealth of samples from all over Europe, making it really difficult for us to pick our top three from such an incredible pool of talent and flavour.

Java Coffee

Java Coffee

One coffee that really stood out for us because of its full body, rounded chocolatey notes and delicate after taste came from Polish roasters Java Coffee. It’s not your typical fruit bomb, flower bouquet and vibrant acidity kind of coffee that we’ve gotten so used to with our African beans, instead it made its mark by being clean, balanced and full of fire.

Hailing from the Santa Barbara district in Honduras’ highlands where Pedro Sagastume has his farm, this coffee is an excellent representation of the hard work that local farmers have been putting into their coffee production, leading to consistent representation in the Cup of Excellence selections.

Pedro's farm in Santa Barbara

Pedro’s farm in Santa Barbara

Growing coffees at 1.555 – 1.630masl can represent some serious challenges to coffee farmers, mostly in the form of ‘freezing’ weather conditions that can destroy crops. That is why innovative farmers like Pedro have been pouring a lot of thought and money into efficient drying techniques that significantly minimize the potentially negative impact caused by the weather. As a result, more and more coffees from this region are making their ways into the roasting machines of American and European roasters like Java Coffee, and into the hands of our customers.

Our April '17 coffee box lineup

Our April ’17 coffee box lineup

We’re thrilled to feature such a delicious Honduran coffee in our upcoming April ’17 coffee box alongside yummy coffees from Man versus Machine and Langøra.

This box can be ordered until 15-04 / ships on 20-04.

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“An coffee lover’s must-have” – BBC GOOD FOOD


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