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Jonas Reindl from Vienna | in our February ’20 coffee box

Viennese coffee roaster Jonas Reindl makes its Coffeevine debut in February with a truly outstanding Congolese coffee from South Kivu

In the six years that we’ve been putting together our critically acclaimed coffee box, we’ve only experienced two incidences where a shipment from one of our roasters simply didn’t make it to our warehouse. As you can probably imagine, something like this is a clusterfuck on so many levels that I cannot even begin to explain to you now and the disappointment amongst our customers, our roaster and ourselves is palpable.

Jonas Reindl from Vienna is only the second (and hopefully last) roasters who this happened to when we wanted to debut this awesome coffee roaster last August and now, Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come for us to give Philip Feyer and his team a second shot. Rest assured that we won’t be working with DHL for this shipment. Oh no, sir!


Who is Jonas Reindl you might ask? Jonas Reindl is not the founder of some traditional Austrian coffee empire as you might expect. In fact, Jonas Reindl never existed at all. He is a creation of Philip himself who took cues from the surroundings of his first café on Schottentor, a Vienna landmark built by the late mayor Franz Jonas and resembling a traditional Austrian cooking pan, also called ‘Reindl’.

These days, Philip and his team operate two beautiful cafés in the capital and despite the city’s historic and slightly old-fashioned coffee scene, its residents are starting to discover the fantastic world of specialty coffee with great interest. “Generally, all of our milk-based drinks are prepared with our house-blend as the base,” Philip told me during our live Q&A today. “But we also have a seasonal espresso on the second grinder and we are noticing that more and more customers are choosing that one. At the moment it’s a natural Ethiopian coffee, so pretty out there for the average coffee drinker but hey, who are we to complain?”


The roasting is done on a Probatone 12kg and the coffees are sourced from a variety of trusted importers like Mercanta who provided the outstanding Congolese coffee that we chose for the February ’20 coffee box. Widely praised by our tasting team during our most recent cupping session, this coffee offers a sparkling acidity with the flavour characteristics usually associated with Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees.

Hailing from the South Kivu province of the DRC, the largest country in Africa, this coffee comes from a region that has seen a fair share of horrors in recent years. The complicated makeup of land ownership in the region, lack of security due to warfare and natural disasters and shocking corruption make it difficult to build a successful way of living for coffee farmers out there.

Screenshot 2020-01-29 at 23.32.06

But, there is also hope for change. The owners of Société Maitea, Eba Murua and Wally Mahindu are working hard to shake off the negative images associated with Kivu’s past and to help build a better future for its people through research, quality and training. Last year, they were able to produce their first washed coffee at Minova washing station and this is what you will be enjoying as part of our February ’20 coffee box.

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