Langøra’s Kochere PB is teeny weeny parcels of goodness

Hailing from the renowned Gedeo region, this delicate Kochere peaberry is an exquisite example of Ethiopia’s wide variety of excellent coffees

Here at The Coffeevine, we’re always looking for the most unusual, interesting and delicious coffees out there. It’s our goal to showcase the full spectrum of fine coffees available to us, and this month we have something truly special.

It’s our first ever Ethiopian peaberry and it probably is the tiniest bean we’ve ever seen. Hailing from Kochere processing station, this exquisite coffee will be roasted specially for us by Norwegian specialty coffee roasters Langøra, who are based in on a beautiful farm near Trondheim in the centre of the country.

Kochere coffee

Kochere coffee

Kochere is widely regarded to produce outstanding coffees every year and we’ve had it on our wishlist for quite some time now. This peaberry, which is an anomaly that happens when only one seed develops inside the coffee cherry that consequently absorbs all of the nutrients normally split over two seeds, is a natural processed coffee that blew us away with its rich notes of passionfruit, caramel and milk chocolate.

Langøra founder Kristian Helgesen explained his selection of this coffee: “At Langøra it’s our mission to only pick coffees that are as unique and unspoiled as our Norwegian homeland. This Kochere PB is all that.”



The Kochere mill in Ethiopia’s Gedeo region, together with neighbouring Chelelektu and Yirgacheffe, has been at the forefront of helping to solidify the country’s leading position when it comes to the production of some of the world’s most outstanding single origin coffees. Ethiopian farming practices are by and large referred to as ‘passive organic’ due to the lack of pesticides used int the production process.

Rest assured this exquisite Ethiopian coffee roasted with Norwegian craftsmanship will please even the most demanding palate.

Get this coffee together with Java Coffee’s Honduras, El Sauce and Man versus Machine’s Indonesia, Toarco A in our upcoming April ’17 coffee box.

Our April '17 box

Our April ’17 box

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“An coffee lover’s must-have” – BBC GOOD FOOD


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