Madrid’s friendliest new roastery makes its Coffeevine debut

Offering our customers a truly delicious single origin from Brazil’s Bahia region featuring notes of chocolate and vanilla

In recent months Madrid has seen an exponential increase in the amount of specialty coffee shops that have popped up all over the city, and while many source their beans from the likes of Toma, Puchero and Nømad, it was only a matter of time before new roasters started appearing on the scene too.

One of those new roasters is Hola Coffee, one of the city’s friendliest outfits that quickly gained a very loyal following stretching way further than the city’s limits. It was founded by two friends, Nolo Botana and Pablo Caballero, as a way for them to realize a communal dream: to run their own coffee bar in the city.

Pablo Caballero and Nolo Botana

Pablo Caballero and Nolo Botana

The two had previously worked at the likes of Café Federal, Nømad and Toma before finalizing their concept while working for a larger commercial coffee roastery. Their HQ is a lovely café in the Lavapies neighbourhood but the roasting is done else where on a shared Giesen roaster, for now.

After a personal visit to their café in May this year, we decided that it was high time for these two coffee profs to submit some coffees for our monthly blind tasting sessions where we select our three favourite coffees for our upcoming boxes. Hola Coffee sent us a few options to choose from but our team really liked their pulped natural Brazil from São Judas Tadeu the most.

Antonio Rigno

Antonio Rigno

This coffee hails from the Bahia region and the farm that produced it previously won the Cup of Excellence in 2011 and 2015, proof that its coffees are truly outstanding. Owner Antonio Rigno makes sure to run his farm as sustainable as possible, reducing waste, recycling and creating organic fertilisers from discarded pulp.

Storage facility at coffee farm

Storage facility at coffee farm

We loved this coffee for its, well you might laugh, but its brazilianess. Clean, juicy with hints of chocolate and vanilla.

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