The return of two of our favourites

Bavaria’s leading independent coffee roaster is returning for a second feature with a delicious and citrusy Kochere, washed

Ethiopian coffees are as certain to appear in our coffee boxes as screaming teenage girls at a Justin Bieber concert. We just love them!

Naturally, Ethiopians are currently fresh in season and hardly a month goes by when we don’t have one in our lineup. This month features not one, but two delicious Ethiopian coffees. This particular one is a washed Kochere from one of Bavaria’s most renowned coffee roasters Johannes Bayer.

Johannes Bayer

Johannes Bayer

Johannes previously appeared in our coffee box more than two years ago, so we thought it was high time that this talented gentleman returned.

Johannes began roasting coffees out of his parents’ basement and over time became one of the leading independent coffee roasters, not just in Bavaria but in Germany as a whole. His coffees can be enjoyed in specialty coffee bars all over the country and he is also part owners of Munich’s Ständl20, a super cute little coffee stall at the city’s Elisabethmarkt.

African drying beds at Kochere

African drying beds at Kochere

The Kochere that we picked for our upcoming September box hails from the Yirgacheffe region in Sidamo. This part of Ethiopia is widely regarded to be one of the finest coffee growing regions in the country with most smallholder farmers living at 2.000 meters above sea level and higher. These coffees are often regarded to be ‘garden coffees’ because they grow in denseley forested areas and what’s more, they are mostly by default organic because the farmers don’t use pesticides.

Kochere is widely regarded to be one of the leading wetmills in Yirgacheffe and we have previously featured coffee from this co-op before. It’s one of our most favourites and we’re sure you’re going to love it too.

Our September '17 lineup

Our September ’17 lineup

Preorder this coffee together with freshly roasted single origins from Neues Schwarz and Caffènation as part of our September ’17 coffee box. Orders close on 15-09 / Ships 20-09



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