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Origin Coffee Roasters: A countryside coffee icon

Meet the Cornwall-based outfit that turned its purist and minimalist approach to specialty coffee into one of the UK’s most celebrated coffee roasters

Many of the UK’s most famous coffee roasters are located in London, the coffee powerhouse of Europe. The British capital boasts more big name roasters than many countries combined and if you followed the recent World Barista Championships in Seoul, South Korea, you’ll know that this year’s winner was another Brit: Dale Harris. Admittedly, he works for one of the most renowned non-London based roasters in the country, Has Bean, but still. He’s testament to the fact that Britain is stronger than ever when it comes to specialty coffee.

Coffee bag at the Origin roastery

Coffee bag at the Origin roastery

For our December ’17 box, we invited a bunch of old friends to send us a selection of their finest coffees and as it so happens, the first out of three fabulous coffees will be coming from Origin Coffee Roasters, another great roaster who made a big name for itself outside of London. Hailing from beautiful Cornwall, Origin Coffee Roasters is at home in one of the most beautiful parts of the British Isles, surrounded by rolling hills, spectacular beaches, cute villages and some of the best surf in Europe.

Set up by Tom Sobey, over the years Origin went from a well-kept countryside secret to one of the most respected and awarded specialty coffee roasters in the country. It now operates several cafés in the capital while maintaining a state-of-the-art roasting facility where it had its origin. Pardon the pun.

Origin is known for its minimalist style

Origin is known for its minimalist style

We first worked with Origin about two years ago and already back then they made a long-lasting impression on our subscribers. Thus it was only a matter of time before we reached out to this talented outfit for another round. They were kind enough to send us a truly comprehensive selection of their best coffees and we can assure you that our team struggled to pick its favourite, despite not knowing which coffees were which. We ultimately settled for their gorgeous Muwa AA from Kenya.

Coffee production in Kenya

Coffee production in Kenya

This coffee hails from the Muwa Estate that is run by Kenyan national Mercy Wambui who oversees the production of roughly 6.000 coffee trees. The estate began processing its own coffees back in 1999 and has developed an outstanding reputation for producing truly excellent coffees. Contrary to the large majority of Kenyan coffees, this particular one consists largely of the SL28 variety with a bit of Baitan mixed in. Usually Kenyan coffees are made up of SL28 & SL34, which helps reduce the risk of disease that is more common in mono-variety production.

Our December '17 lineup

Our December ’17 lineup

Receive this yummy coffee together with excellent single origins from The Barn and Da Matteo in our upcoming December ’17 box. Flat-fee shipping to Europe: €5 / World: €10 – tracked shipping optional.

Preorder your box by 10-12 / ships on 15-12

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Fredrik Ohrner:  “I’m so happy with the coffee I get from you every month. The last box, with coffee from Neues Schwarz, was absolutely magical!”

Jocke Eckberg: “Absolutely love your service!”
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