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Roaster profile: Don Gallo

Featured in our upcoming [2/18] coffee box with an exquisite natural Ethiopian coffee from Mormora Estate

Being a coffee lover can result in different levels of love for the delicious drink that we’re all so hooked on. Some people love it so much that they grow coffee. Others source and roast coffee. Then there are those who sell and serve coffee, and those who just love to drink it. Indeed, it’s easy to call yourself a coffee lover these days. It’s never been easier to find and enjoy great coffee and I dare say that we’ve contributed a small part towards spreading this love.

Yet, love can also bring two coffee lovers together and make them turn their passion into a profession, as is the case with Enrique and Ana Cobo. Inspired by their many travels and frustrated by a lack of great specialty coffee at home, they decided to found Don Gallo Café, a small specialty coffee roastery based in the west of Spain that began with Enrique experimenting on a small sample roaster.

Enrique and Ana with a producer

Enrique and Ana with a producer

Today, Don Gallo is part of the specialty coffee wave that is sweeping over Spain, with Madrid having taken over from Barcelona as the country’s most exciting specialty coffee city. (Keep an eye on our blog for our exclusive Madrid Coffee Guide coming soon!)

Ana reached out to us a little while ago to find out if Don Gallo could be part of one of our upcoming coffee boxes and seizing the opportunity to work with a new roaster, we invited Ana to submit some coffees for our last blind cupping. The results were truly inspiring. Don Gallo’s two Ethiopian coffees got resoundingly positive feedback from our critical tasters and we eventually selected the exquisite natural Ethiopia from Mormora Estate.

Our coffee from Don Gallo

Our coffee from Don Gallo

Expect a perfectly balanced cup with the sweet and sour notes typical for a lemon merengue pie. We’re proud to present to you a new Spanish roaster as part of our upcoming [2/18] coffee box alongside our first US roaster in 1 1/2 years and Stow from Slovenia.

For more information, please visit our coffee box page and preorder your box by 15-02 to avoid missing out.

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