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Roaster profile: Hoppenworth & Ploch

Frankfurt’s leading specialty coffee outfit marks its return to The Coffeevine after a 3-year absence with a gorgeous and floral coffee from Burundi

It’s been a whole three years since Frankfurt’s leading specialty coffee roaster was last featured in one of our coffee boxes. That is a truly long time, indeed. Too long, we thought. Since then, a lot has changed both at Coffeevine and at Hoppenworth & Ploch who recently reached out to us to find out if we could do another collaboration and we were happy to see that one of their coffees made the final cut during our most recent cupping session.


Hoppenworth & Ploch was originally founded as a university campus café but Matthias Hoppenworth and Julian Ploch’s and concept quickly grew out of the educational realm to also include a café and roastery in the city’s Nordend neighbourhood. During a recent phone call with Julian, he told me that their roasting business has really taken off in recent months and that they will soon be moving the roastery to a new location while the current space will be turned into a breakfast café.

“We made some changes to our product range that have really opened up a whole new spectrum of customers for us. We’re now regularly adding new hospitality clients and doing our best to cater to both regular coffee drinkers and specialty lovers with different types of coffees,” Julian explained. “At the same time, we’re hiring new talent to help us improve our online and wholesale presence, which is also why we were keen to reach out to you guys again. We simply love what you do and really want to be part of it again.” Aww, thanks Julian! 🙂


The coffee that we chose is Hoppenworth & Ploch’s Burundi, Nkonge. Burundi is one of East Africa’s least stable countries with violence flearing up at irregular intervals. Yet, the tiny nation that’s wedged between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania is famed for its excellent coffees, just like the one we featured in our August ’18 coffee box from Kaffa Roastery.

Nkonge Hill is a region of exceptional natural beauty and offers perfect growing conditions for outstanding specialty coffees. Ben Carson and his family have been running a project there called Long Miles Coffee Project that is helping local farmers produce outstanding coffees and has won several prizes since its inception. For one of the world’s poorest countries, initiatives like this are a way to bring a regular source of income to farmers in remote rural areas who are only too happy to improve their skills, know-how and ultimately, their coffees.

We’re thrilled to be sharing this outstanding and incredibly floral coffee with our customers next month, offering them another exclusive taste of a fine specialty coffee that was carefully selected and will be skillfully roasted by one of our trusted partners.


Hoppenworth & Ploch will be joining Structure Roasters from Montreal and The Barn from Berlin as part of our upcoming September ’18 coffee box.

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