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Roaster profile: Origin Coffee

Produced by an exemplary female-run co-op, this outstanding washed coffee from Rwanda perfectly showcases Origin Coffee’s talent

It’s always a great pleasure to welcome back dear friends of ours and if there is one UK roaster that we have a very special relationship with then it’s Origin Coffee. This award-winning outfit that was originally founded by Tom Sobey in gorgeous Cornwall is now also firmly rooted in the nation’s capital and thanks to the hard work by its inspirational staff, Origin Coffee has established itself as one of the United Kingdom’s coffee brands.

Origin Owner and Founder Tom Sobey

Every time I am back in the UK, I make Origin one of my first points of call because not only are their cafés wonderful but also they always have truly exciting and unique coffees. During my most recent visit in October, I was fortunate enough to get my first taste of a Chinese grown coffee from the Banka processing station. Unfortunately, this coffee was no longer available when we reached out to Origin to find out if they might be keen to get involved in our ‘Best of Britain’ March ’19 coffee box but the coffee that we did pick is no less interesting and delicious.

Origin_Loring Smart Roasts_The Roastery

Origin Coffee is widely respected for its outstanding coffee sourcing practices and direct trade policies that have allowed it to establish solid relationships with unique coffee growers and co-ops across the world. One extremely exciting project that Origin is working with is the Women’s Coffee Extension in Rwanda, a cooperative with the aim of providing Rwandan women producers more of a voice and better market access.

The co-op was f0unded by Arine Ucyeye, Odette Uwamariya and Audace Ngabonziza who don’t just process the coffees of around 700 smallholder farmers from the local area but they also provide medical insurance to each member, something that is badly needed especially in rural areas. The Origin team met with the three founders and the coffees they tasted together were so amazing that they decided to purchase some of their lots. We’re extremely thrilled to feature a coffee that has such a great story as well as a fantastic cup profile.

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What our reader said

Robin said:

I first tasted WCE LOT 22 (Rwanda washed) at the British Library ground floor cafe on the 11 May 2019 and asked for the details. Can you give me the stockists in west London where I may purchase this product.

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