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Roaster profile: The Visit

Featured in our [5/18] coffee box with a sweet and complex Rwandan coffee from Gataba Remera

Over the course of the last four years, we have worked with most of Berlin’s leading specialty coffee roasters. From The Barn to Bonanza, Five Elephant and Fjord, but it’s hard to keep up with a city that is constantly evolving. There is one more roaster who’ve had on our list for some time and who was meant to be featured last year in January but then some personnel changes on their side forced us to find a last minute alternative. Finally, this month, we’re able to get our collaboration with The Visit on the move.

The Visit was founded in 2016 with an ambitious plan. Its owners quickly wanted to turn this fledgeling roaster into one of the city’s biggest roasters by pumping a serious amount of money into equipment, locations and staff. Yet, in the beginning, the ambition was a bit too ambitious and things ground to a halt while some staff left and new people joined. The Visit’s head roaster, Jasper Springeling, is a seasoned Berlin face who previously worked at our friends’ Man vs. Machine in Munich and then ran his own café Fenster before joining The Visit to do what he loves most.


During a recent call with him, he said: “The aim for me as the coffee roaster is to bring amazing coffee to a broader audience. Drinking good coffee is an everyday 5-minute luxury that should be accessible to everyone without a lot of effort.” He continued by saying: “I think that specialty coffee sometimes has an air of exclusivity about it that can be intimidating to some people. At The Visit we aim to take the exclusivity away by making it super accessible and tasty.”

Indeed they are spreading the love all over Berlin with their (current) four locations across town. And this month they are partnering with us to share one of their finest coffees with our global customer base. During last month’s blind cupping to determine the contents of our upcoming [5/18] coffee box, we tasted a total of three coffees from The Visit and after careful deliberation, our team picked the Rwanda, Gataba Remera.


Jasper chose this particular coffee for The Visit’s offering because of its sweet and complex flavour and the excellent reputation of the wet mill that does an amazing job at processing only the best and ripest cherries. Rwanda can sometimes be a tricky origin to source good coffee from but this is a great example of the country’s finest output.


Expect lots of lime and papaya in this delicate and vibrant coffee.

For more information about our upcoming [5/18] coffee box, also featuring great coffee from Mok Coffee and Taste Map, please visit our coffee box page and preorder your box up until 15-05 to avoid missing out.

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