Waffles, chocolates and Caffènation – Belgium at its best

Antwerp’s specialty coffee pioneers are finally back after a two year absence, making their return with a stunning Kenyan coffee that blew us all away

It is true that Belgium hasn’t had the best of times with regards to its image in the global press, but this small multi-cultural nation in nothing if not beautiful, friendly and yum. Who can say no to some Belgian waffles, fries, chocolates, beer or specialty coffee for that matter? Exactly!

That is why we thought we’d bring back one of our oldest Coffeevine partners and first Belgian roasters Caffènation. Founded in Antwerp by Rob Berghmans 13 years ago, Caffènation is a real symbol of Belgian quality and progressiveness. When most people didn’t know what specialty coffee was, Rob and his team were already seeking out the finest beans from the best independent growers across the world and offering them in an approachable way that made them Antwerp’s kings of coffee in no time.

Rob Berghmans

Rob Berghmans

Today, there are a few more people roasting great coffee in the Flemish capital, but Caffènation remain the true leaders of the specialty coffee scene there and in the country as a whole. Naturally it was only a matter of time before we invited these pioneers back into our midst and their stunning Kenya, Weithaga AA is a perfect example of their greatness and ther amazing coffees that they source.

The lush greenery of Muranga County

The lush greenery of Muranga County

During our most recent cupping session, this coffee really stood out on the table, not just as a typical Kenya, but as a blinking good one too. It offered a super clean cup with a sparkling acidity reminicent of juicy soda. This coffee hails from the Muranga region, which was quite lucky with a relatively high amount of rainfall during a very dry season last year. Caffènation gave this coffee the highest score during their origin visit last year and we’re thrilled to have it in our upcoming coffee box.

Our September '17 lineup

Our September ’17 lineup

Preorder this coffee together with freshly roasted single origins from Neues Schwarz and JB Kaffee as part of our September ’17 coffee box. Orders close on 15-09 / Ships 20-09


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