Our brew guide for June 2023

Our brew guide for June 2023

Discover the brew guides for our epic June 2023 European and Global roasters boxes as well as the 11th GEMS edition.

The thermometer is regularly hitting the high twenties right now and summer is finally in full swing. As the whole coffee world is seemingly getting ready to head to Athens, myself included, I am leaving you with a very simple recipe for making delicious and refreshing cold brew.

Lately, I’ve been experimenting a bit more with non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails at home and exploring some really delicious flavours that I want to share with you in early July. This cold brew recipe is always solid and delicious and you can easily use your cold brew in combination with other recipes.

And who knows, maybe I’ll bump into you somewhere in Athens and we’ll have a Freddo Flat White together? Bring it on!

Basic Setup

As in any good kitchen or bar, you want to be sure to have a few key items at your disposal that will aid you in preparing a delicious cup of coffee.

These include:

    • Scales (with or without a timer – you can use your phone or your watch)
    • A good quality burr grinder such as the Comandante Grinder
    • Your favourite brew method (Origami, Kalita Wave, V60, AeroPress etc)
    • A clean vessel for brewing and decanting
    • A ladle or stirrer for agitating the grounds
    • Water for brewing
    • A pouring kettle but a regular kettle will also do, however, it requires more precision

Feel free to take a look around our shop to see if there are things that you might like. We have a nice selection of items from Timemore and other brands to help you brew delicious coffees.

It’s very important to always freshly grind your coffee just before preparation because coffee is very volatile and quickly loses its full aroma in a matter of minutes.

You can also vacuum pack your coffee in portions, name and number each batch and then keep it in a dry cool place or put it in the freezer. More information about freshness and how to rest your coffees can be found in this article.

For espresso, I use my home espresso machine, a Profitec Pro600 espresso machine and a Profitec ProT64 grinder.

My recipe for cold brew:

Use 30g of coffee and grind it quite coarse. The longer the extraction, the coarser the grind. I use a French Press to make this beverage and you can either throw in all of your coffee into the vessel or you can use a large teabag to keep the coffee in one place. Up to you.

Add 550ml of filtered water at room temperature. Then, give it all a good stir and cover the French Press with cling film. You can pop it in the fridge or leave it in a dark cool place. After 12 hours, you can either give it a stir and allow it to extract for 12 hours more or you can already remove the coffee grounds. The way I do it is I push the French Press metal filter down to trap the coarsest grounds and then filter the cold brew liquid through a paper filter like the v60 or Chemex to remove any last residue.

Store in a clean container and consumer within 3-4 days.

The Barn’s recipe for filter:

V60: 18g in, 300g out. Pours: 50/150/250/300 every 30 seconds. Total time 2:25 – 2:35 minutes.

The Barn’s recipe for espresso:

19g in, 30 second extraction. Yield: – 43g (+1-)

PLOT’s recipe for filter:

V60: 20g coffee ground fairly coarse – similar to a French press or slightly finer. 300g filtered or bottled water at93°C.

1. Start by placing a pre-rinse filter in the V60 brewer. Rinse the filter with hot water to remove any papery taste, and then discard the rinse water.

2. Add 20g of coffee to the brewer

3. Begin the pour-over process by slowly pouring 60g of hot water over the coffee grounds in a concentric circle. Try to pour the water evenly over all the grounds and take about 10 seconds to complete the pour.

4. At the 40-second mark, pour another 60g of hot water over the coffee. Again, pour the water slowly and evenly over the grounds.

5. Repeat this process at the 1:20, 2:00, and 2:30 minute marks, pouring 60g of hot water each time. Each pour should take about 10 seconds.

6. By the time the final pour is complete at 2:30 minutes, the total water added should be 300g. The pour-over process should be finished around 3:30 minutes.

PLOT’s recipe for espresso:

18g coffee in. 40 – 42g out. Extraction time: 30+ seconds.

Andy Roasters’ recipe for filter:

V60: Rinse your filter paper. Add 15g of course ground coffee (EK43 on 11,5). Start with a 30g bloom for 30 seconds. Water at 91°C. Follow this by adding water up to 100g, then up to 180g and then up to 250ml. Aim for 2:10 minutes brew time.

Andy Roasters’ recipe for espresso:

18.7 g in. 43g out. Temperature at 92°C. Extraction time: 30 seconds  at 8,5 bar ppm 110.

Proud Mary’s recipe for filter:

15g of coffee ground medium-coarse. Use 250ml of water fresh off the boil. Rinse the filter paper which preheats the brewing vessel at the same time (don’t forget⁣ to empty the rinse water out!!)⁣. Put the coffee into the V60 and give it a tiny shake to flatten the top of the bed⁣.

Start the timer and pour 50ml of water into the bed of coffee and agitate a bit, front to back, and left to right, then let it sit and de-gas for 30 seconds. At 30 seconds, slowly and steadily pour the remaining 200ml of water in circles and aim to finish pouring at 50 seconds – a constant and controlled flow rate is the aim!⁣

Give the whole cone a gentle swirl, helps catch any coffee grinds left high and dry⁣. Coffee should finish running between 2:30 and 3:00 minutes, depending on the varietal or blend you’re⁣ using.

Subtext’s recipe for filter:

V60: Use 15g of coffee with 300g of brew water. Bloom with 50g of water and wait 30 seconds. Pour water slowly to 120g, at 1:20 minutes, pour remaining water to 250g. Your total drawdown should be around 3:10 minutes.

On an encore, for reference, grind between 16 and 18. Want to get more nerdy? Use water with 1/2 or less alkalinity to total hardness. Even more nerdy? Mg2+ 10.4ppm; Ca2+ 21.6ppm; KHCO3 10.6ppm. Scale up for harder water and more presence in the cup.

Dear Judges’ recipe for filter:

Clever Dripper or Hario Switch: 18g with 300ml of water. Use a coarse grind and allow for a total immersion of 4:00 minutes. Water at first contact should be 94°C.


What did you think of these recipes and the coffees from the June 2023 Coffeevine box? Let me know in the comments down below.

Also in July, we’ll have both a European coffee roasters selection as well as a Global coffee roasters selection.

You can find all details in our shop.


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