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Coffee with locals – Scandinavia

We traveled to three Scandinavian capitals to stay with local Airbnb hosts and meet the cities’ coffee movers and shakers

One of the best ways to discover local secrets is talking to … well locals of course. Naturally this is no longer a best kept secrets and many people have launched companies that bring travelers and locals together. Indeed, that’s how The Coffeevine started 3 years ago. Our goal was always to use local knowledge to promote the finest places to get great coffee.

Most recently we teamed up with US company Airbnb for a joint project that saw us embark on a whirlwind journey to Scandinavia where we stayed with three Airbnb hosts in Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen. What we wanted to do while out there was to connect with the three cities’ finest roasters and use the knowledge of our hosts to find the best coffee bars in each city.

We spent about 1 1/2 days in each city, which is of course never enough, but still allowed us to get a good feel for the three capitals and their respective coffee scenes.

To visualize our journey and experience we interviewed our hosts and a few roasters for this short video.


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