Don Gallo: Valencia based roastery that was inspired by Colombia

Don Gallo: Valencia based roastery that was inspired by Colombia

Returning for the second time one of our Coffevine boxes, Don Gallo from Valencia offer a delicious washed Costa Rican coffee in February

It’s often the case that travelling to exotic places can open our eyes to see something from a new perspective that we have taken for granted all our lives. In some people, this inspires a change in lifestyle or deciding to finally pursue a long postponed passion project. In others, it can illicit a career change. This is indeed what happened to Ana Cobo and Enrique Muñoz who founded Don Gallo in Valencia in 2017.

It was during a trip to Colombia where the business man and the lawyer first encountered specialty coffee that would forever change their perception of coffee. Though specialty coffee was already a thing in Spain at the time, primarily in places like Barcelona and Madrid, Valencia remained largely under the radar for a long time with only one or two notable roasters. Don Gallo set out to source exceptional coffees, roast them locally and thus make them accessible to the public without trying to fit into any particular pigeonhole.

We first featured Don Gallo in one of our boxes in 2018 shortly after they launched and we have since kept a keen eye on the developments at this ambitious family business. Though some stunning designs were shared for a possible flag ship café, these plans were later shelved in favour of a fully wholesale minded business operation.

Most recently, Don Gallo introduced a more modern brand identity that included stepping away from the previous retail boxes with less packaging waste. With warm colours and bold letters, Don Gallo is pushing towards the front of Spain’s competitive specialty coffee scene and continues to excel with truly outstanding coffees such as the delicious washed Costa Rican coffee from Matinilla Fancy.

While the name of this coffee might make you smirk with amusement, this coffee is an excellent example of the high quality coffees produced by this Central American country that is so famed for its rich biodiversity and high standards of living. Produced in the micro-region of Matinilla in EscazĂș in the Central Valley, this coffee was made possible by the hard work of Coopelibertad and offers a lovely cup with notes of milk chocolate, cinnamon and hazelnut.

To receive this outstanding coffee and its companions for the European roasters selection in February, visit our shop to see all options. Pre-orders close on 15.02.2024 / Ships globally on 20.02.2024

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