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Replica Coffee: A fine Belgian roaster gets ready to leave the nest

Replica Coffee from Belgium makes its Coffeevine debut in July with a juicy and utterly delicious washed Rwandan coffee from Shyira

Kalve Coffee: Latvia’s biggest roaster is so hot right now

Latvia's Kalve Coffee makes its Coffeevine comeback in July with a wonderfully tasty washed Peruvian coffee from El Zorzal

Create Coffee: A high-level roastery founded by Stefanos Domatiotis

Former World Brewers Cup Champion Stefanos Domatiotis makes his Coffeevine debut with Create Coffee, a roastery based in Athens

Five Ways Coffee: Making decaf look really, really glam and sexy

Our second decaf partner is Five Ways Coffee from Amsterdam whose excellent Colombian sugar cane decaf is a delight to drink

Ritrovare: A bright light from Taiwan’s specialty coffee scene

Ritrovare, our first Taiwanese roaster, dazzles in July with a delicious 'baby' Geisha from Gummay Woreda estate in Ethiopia

September Coffee: From YouTube success to acing a Kickstarter campaign

Canada's September Coffee is making its Coffeevine debut with a super juicy and delicious Chiroso variety from David Berrio in Colombia

Coffeevine brew guide for June 2024

Our monthly brew guide containing custom recipes from our June 2024 Coffeevine edition partners to help you brew like a champ!

Check out the exquisite July 2024 selection of coffees

After marking our ten year anniversary in June, we're starting the second decade with a brilliant selection of coffees in July

Our first decaf selection is here. But why are we doing this again? Here’s your answer.

Time to make tasty decaf coffees more accessible. And to this end, we're partnering with a new batch of roasters including Man Met Bril

Criteria: Craig Simon’s excellent roasting venture for his post competition era

Criteria by Craig, a leading specialty coffee roastery and educational center is joining the ten-year anniversary edition of The Coffeevine

Null: Our first roaster from TĂĽrikye moves into the limelight

Sharing an exceptionally delicious coffee from Ethiopia, Null makes its debut in our ten-year anniversary June 2024 Coffeevine edition

Origin Coffee: One of the UK’s greatest roasters finally returns to our box

To celebrate the many years of our close relationship with Origin Coffee, we've invited Tom Sobey & co to be part of our June 2024 edition

KAWA: Delivering a fruit bomb from Wilton Benitez in Colombia

KAWA from Paris is back this month with an exceptionally juicy and delicious coffee from Colombia's Wilton Benitez.

Nomad: Taking us to the lush mountains of Burundi in June

Our friends from Barcelona's legendary roaster Nomad are back in June with a delicious washed Red Bourbon from Gahehe

Sumo Coffee: Presenting an exciting Brazilian coffee from Vinhal Cafés

Daniel Horbat of SUMO Coffee roasters returns for his second GEMS feature with a really extraordinary Topazio variety from Vinhal Cafés

Here’s our 10-year anniversary selection for June 2024. Just WOW!

To celebrate this epic milestone, we're bringing together a high profile list of incredible European and Global roasters in June

Coffeevine brew guide for May 2024

Our monthly brew guide containing custom recipes from our May 2024 editions to help you get the most out of your Coffeevine box

Paper Mill: Estonia’s top specialty roaster leads the way

Back for its second Coffeevine feature, Paper Mill from Estonia will be roasting a sweet and delicious natural processed coffee from Uganda

Dark Horse Coffee: Californian coffee legends with a Hawaiian soul

Dark Horse from San Diego is making its Coffeevine debut with a stunning hydro honey processed Orange Bourbon from Elkin Guzman in Colombia

Good Life: Stealing hearts and winning awards

Finland's most decorated specialty coffee roaster Good Life returns this month with an excellent Peruvian coffee from Carlos y Celso

Nylon Coffee: Showcasing fine coffees sourced from meaninful relationships

Nylon, one of Singapore's finest roasters makes its Coffeevine debut with an exquisite washed Ethiopian coffee from Nensebo Riripa station

MAMAM: A coffee collective from Poland takes flight

Bundling years of experience into one new collective, MAMAM from Szczecin in Poland offers a fresh new take on specialty coffee

Coffeevine brew guide for April 2024

Our monthly brew guide containing custom recipes from our April 2024 editions to help you get the most out of your Coffeevine box

Meet our fabulous May 2024 roasters from around the world

Get ready to enjoy a stellar selection of delicious coffees in May from MAMAM, Paper Mill, Good Life, Nylon and Dark Horse Coffee.

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