Lola Bikes & Coffee – Den Haag (NL)

Where coffee and bike fans meet and cycle off into the sunset

  • opening times:
    Mo - Su: 8 - 18
  • wifi:
  • urls:
  • price check:
    Espresso €2,20 / Flat White €2,90
  • machine:
    La Marzocco Linea
  • coffees on offer:
    various Espresso and filter roasts by Bocca
  • milk:
    Arla Organic
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Today I want to introduce you to a specialty coffee shop that I had heard much about but due to it being in The Hague, I hadn’t had a chance to visit. Until yesterday that is. What’s kind of funny, is that as I wrote this, I noticed that there’s some sort of golden thread going through my reviews at the moment. A natural progression if you like. Last week I talked about Harvest & Company / Headfirst Coffee Roasters, where previously you could get great quality coffee and beautifully restored vintage furniture and then, in my last post I presented Blackbird Coffee & Vintage where you can bag yourself a brand “new” vintage racing bike while sipping a delicious pour over.

Lola has a big heart

Lola has a big heart

In this post I am moving on from the whole vintage thing while still keeping alive the element of bicycles. Lola Bikes & Coffee is a bright and friendly place smack bang in the middle of Den Haag’s coffee, fashion and gallery strip. The first time I heard about it was at last year’s Dutch Barista Championships in Breda where Maarten van der Jagt, editor in chief of, mentioned Lola as one of the most exciting new specialty coffee shops in Holland. I immediately wrote it down on an imaginary post-it and stuck it on the wall of my sometimes fleeting short term memory.

Here they have everything from delicious hot chocolate to ginger beer and of course great coffee

Here they have everything from delicious hot chocolate to ginger beer and of course great coffee

Lola is big, bright, very friendly and obviously, full of bikes. After doing a little tour of the shop, occasionally goggling at the prices of some of the wheels on offer, I ventured back to the giant bar to meet Floris, the charming Barista who was on coffee duty this afternoon.


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What our reader said

thecoffeevine said:

Hi Peet so glad I could help you find a great place for coffee. I will be visiting Lola this weekend to see how they're doing. All the best for your future travels!

pdjpix said:

Visited on your recommendation. Best coffee I had over 3 weeks in Amsterdam, Paris and Den Haag. Possibly best flat white ever, with bonus cool vibe of bike shop. regards Peet. ps. also followed your guide in Amsterdam. -enjoyed Lot Sixty One, Two for Joy, Headfirst, Espresso Gas Fabriek

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[...] Relaks had started off as a bike shop with a coffee section. Not unlike Lola in Den Haag. However, as Nikolai, one of the baristas on duty that morning told me, the concept [...]

Spotted SF said:

This place looks fantastic!