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Our Coffee Box / The only box you'll ever need

We have the perfect box to suit every need.

You can either subscribe, order a one off box or give our box as a gift.

Just pick your size, roast profile and any optional extras and you’ll be making amazing coffee in no time.


Featuring freshly roasted coffees from: Java Coffee, Man versus Machine & Langøra

How it works / In four simple steps



Our team of experts blind-taste and handpick only the best coffees from the world’s finest independent roasters.



Once chosen, each coffee is roasted to perfection just for you, so its flavours are at their very best.



Our coffees are lovingly hand-packed, and delivered straight to your door, complete with a bespoke brew guide.



And now for the best bit. You get to enjoy rare and spectacular coffee every day. Happy brewing.

In our April '17 box / Java Coffee, Man versus Machine & Langøra

In April we’re teaming up with three great roasters from all over Europe, who will roast some truly unique and exquisite coffees for us. Java Coffee from Warsaw is making its Coffeevine debut while Man versus Machine from Munich and Langøra from Stjørdal are returning for a second time.

Take your tastebuds on a trip around the world in April!

Java Coffee



El Sauce, Santa Barbara

1.555 – 1.630masl

Pacas – Washed

Cane sugar, red berries & grape.

Roasted in Warsaw

Man versus Machine



Toarco A, Sulawesi

1.400 – 1.600masl

S795 – Washed

Apple, brown sugar & lime

Roasted in Munich




Kochere PB, Gedeo

1.800 – 2.000masl

Mixed heirloom – Natural

Ripe Fruits, floral & warm spices.

Roasted in Stjørdal

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TESTIMONIALS / What other coffee lovers say

Beth Papenbrock


“Awesome specialty coffee subscription with nice packaging and a lot of background information about every coffee. A coffee lover must have!”

Tomi Cafferata


“Forget having to get coffee from the store. This monthly delivery of three delicious coffees is all you’ll ever need!”

Nathalie Miller


“I don’t like to exaggerate, but this coffee box is like having Christmas delivered to your door every month.”

Toshikazu Muromoto


“The Coffeevine doesn’t compromise on quality, and that is something you can taste. They blind-taste all their coffees before a selection is made so we get to enjoy nothing but the best!”

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