Better beans for all

Here at The Coffeevine we’re crazy about great coffee. That’s why, since 2012, we’ve been roaming the continent to find, review and share the best specialty coffee shops and micro roasters.

Our brand new coffee subscription puts some of Europe’s finest coffees in your cups.
The concept is simple: three bags, each with 150g of beautifully roasted coffee, delivered to you once a month.

now’s the time

Our team of experts and regular coffee lovers gets together every month to blind test lots of different coffees before we make a final selection for each one of our tasting boxes. Great care is taken to ensure you get only the freshest, tastiest and best beans we can find.

Just choose a subscription that suits your needs and start enjoying a gorgeous cuppa Joe any time, anywhere!

Monthly €20 / month per month, recurring Gimmie a taste >
6 months €18 / month for 6 months per month, recurring bring on the beans >
12 months €16 / month for 12 months per month, recurring for roast royalty >

Free shipping in NL (€ 4 to other European countries) & you can cancel anytime