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Good Life: Stealing hearts and winning awards

Good Life: Stealing hearts and winning awards

Finland's most decorated specialty coffee roaster Good Life returns this month with an excellent Peruvian coffee from Carlos y Celso

Good Life is on a high. After recently winning the ‘Best Roaster’ awards at the Nordic Coffee Fest in Gothenburg and then on its hometurf in Helsinki, things are going rather swimmingly for Lauri Pipinen and Aleksi Kuusijärvi. Given how many great roasters there are in Scandinavia, this is a noteable achievement and certainly raises Good Life’s profile across the region.

Indeed, Good Life has been one of Finland’s leading roasters for a while now and despite Finns living in the nation with the highest per capita consumption of coffee, it remained somewhat behind its peers in Sweden, Denmark and Norway in establishing world famous roasteries. But things are certainly changing with the likes of Frukt and Good Life setting the bar high for others to follow.

We first worked with Good Life back in 2022 and thought it was a good moment to put them back into one of our boxes following their crownings at said festivals. These awards are testament to Lauri and Aleksi’s mission of sourcing exceptional coffees from small-scale and trusted producers, roasting them to perfection and putting them into the market in a fun and unconventional way.

Back when Good Life first opened its doors as a small coffee bar in 2012, it was a multi-roaster café showcasting the finest coffees from around Europe. And it was then that Lauri first began asking himself if they could simply roast their own favourite coffees locally. The answer was ‘yes’ and so in 2014, the roastery was added. After a few years of trying to make both elements, i.e. café & roastery happen, they decided that their real passion was sourcing and roasting and so the café had to go.

Between them, Lauri and Aleksi already collected a few trophies before being crowned ‘Best roastery’ at various events this year. Lauri is a former Finnish Barista, Latte Art and Brewers Cup champion while Aleksi claimed the latter title for himself in 2017. Most recently, they were joined by their current head roaster Richard Shannon who previously worked at Workshop in London and probably even roasted some coffee for us then.

Now, Good Life is back with a super delicious washed Peruvian coffee from producers Carlos Vega and Celso Carrasco. They are based in the Sector el Campo region that is part of Cajamarca where exceptional coffees are produced. We recently had some epic Peruvian coffees from the likes of Fjord and Kava and are thrilled that we get to further showcase coffees from this still relatively rare origin.

Peru has all the right characteristics to become a global force in specialty coffee but in many cases still lacks the resources that have propelled Colombian producers up North to global dominance. This coffee is a great case in point why this needs to change. It’s clean, juicy and delicate with a lovely cup profile of yellow fruits, macadamia and honey.

To receive this excellent coffee along with its companions in the European roasters selection, visit our shop to or order the Total Package with all European roasters and our two Global roasters.

Pre-orders close on 15.05.2024 / Ships globally on 20.05.2024

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