KAWA: Delivering a fruit bomb from Wilton Benitez in Colombia

KAWA: Delivering a fruit bomb from Wilton Benitez in Colombia

KAWA from Paris is back this month with an exceptionally juicy and delicious coffee from Colombia's Wilton Benitez.


Alexis Gagnaire of KAWA came to coffee relatively late in life, something we have in common. I only began my journey when I was 30 and boy has this changed my life! Like Alexis, I also discovered this newfound passion in London, the city with Europe’s most vibrant and I’d say competitive specialty coffee scene. His path led him to setting up an award-winning roastery while my path led me to founding Europe’s leading specialty coffee subscription company. And somewhere along the way, our routes converged and a wonderful partnership was created.

Since first working with KAWA in 2020, I’ve become a huge fan of what Alex and his team are doing. Their commitment to excellence across the coffee supply chain is evident in everything they do. Alexis told me in a previous conversation that he has a very personal connection to Colombia and in particular, to Wilton Benitez’ Granja Esperanza. It was there that he first learned how to roast coffee and the fact that for our upcoming June 2024 10-year anniversary edition, KAWA will roast a coffee from this renowned producer makes this unique relationship come full circle.

Last year, while in Paris for the Paris Café Festival, I had the chance to guest brew some coffees at KAWA’s booth and to visit their gorgeous boutique near Square du Temple, a lovely little park in the middle of Le Marais. Eschewing the classic coffee shop with a large kitchen and endless coffee drinks on the menu, KAWA instead presents its coffees like a delicatessen store with a fine little coffee bar where you can get pourovers and espresso-based drinks to enjoy at the counter or to go.

Over the years, Alexis has competed in a bunch of different competitions include the World Aeropress Championships (coming in 3rd place) and the World Brewers Cup (finishing in 8th place). He is always looking for new ways to challenge himself and to improve his skills, something that has also translated into a strong growth arc at KAWA.

In recent years, KAWA developed a custom categorization for its coffees that includes Terroir, Funky & Fruity, and Over Natural. For the aforementioned June 2024 Coffeevine box, KAWA will roast a superb double fermentation washed Castillo from Wilton Benitez from its Funky & Fruity category. This coffee was an absolute standout on the cupping table a few weeks ago, offering a sweet and complex cup with lots of bright fruit notes and a very pleasant acidity. This coffee is part of KAWA and Wilton’s efforts to deepen their relationship and offer KAWA’s customers a wider range of outstanding coffees.

To receive this excellent coffee, order our one of our European roasters selections from our shop or  the Total Package.

Pre-orders close on 15.06.2024 / Ships globally on 20.06.2024

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