Artisan Roast are as fierce as Braveheart

They will provide an Ethiopia, Aricha washed (filter) and Colombia, La Esperanza washed (espresso) for our June ’17 coffee box

Scotland has many faces. From the druggy rollercoaster ride of Trainspotting to the heroism of Braveheart, and from the mysterious highlands to bagpipes, whiskey, golf and kilts. No other British country has as many internationally recognized icons as the land of Mary Queen of Scots and Sean Connery. But ever since entering a political union with England in 1707, it’s been rumbling beyond Hadrian’s Wall and today, there is more talk of renewed Scottish independence than ever before.

Beautiful Edinburgh (photo: via Smart Works)

Beautiful Edinburgh (photo: via Smart Works)

Scots really are wonderfully friendly people and they have a refined taste too (ok, Haggis isn’t for everyone). After many years of working with some of Britain’s best roasters, and coming to the realisation that the vast majority of them have always been from London, we set out find three unique and exciting roasters from the other three countries that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

In our previous post we already introduced our roaster from Wales, Coaltown, who together with Artisan Roast from Edinburgh and Root & Branch from Belfast make up our ‘Britain special’ box this month.

Piotr of Artisan Roast

Piotr of Artisan Roast

Artisan Roast was born in the Scottish capital and was one of the first local Scottish businesses to bring specialty coffee to the nation. The team regularly visits its growing partners in a number of origin countries and maintains very close relationships with its suppliers and customers all over the world, making sure they always deliver an outstanding experience in coffee.

Our pick for filter: Ethiopia, Aricha washed

Our pick for filter: Ethiopia, Aricha washed / Espresso: Colombia, La Esperanza

With a number of shops across Edinburgh and Glasgow, Artisan Roast was an earlier pioneer in a country that till that point was dominated by branded coffee shops, and by roasting nothing but the finest and tastiest single origin coffees, it provides its people with an unprecedented, locally roasted flavour experience.

We’re very proud to work with these Scottish coffee pioneers for our very special ‘Britain special’ June ’17 coffee box and we cannot wait to share their fine coffees with you very soon.

Our entire June '17 box lineup

Our entire June ’17 box lineup

Get their coffees together with Root & Branch’s Kenya, Othaya and Coaltown, Colombia Acevedo in this month’s coffee box.

Order by 15-06 / Ships globally on 20-6


Every month, we feature three spectacular coffees from the likes of: La Cabra, Drop Coffee, The Barn, Workshop Coffee, The Coffee Collective, Tim Wendelboe and more.

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