Kiwi hospitality meets British passion for detail

Ozone Coffee Roasters return for a second feature this month, offering our customers an outstanding Ethiopian coffee from Kokola

London is the unchallenged European capital of specialty coffee. Nowhere else will you find enough roasters and cafés to fill a printed guide book that gets thicker every year. With so many roasters to choose from, it’s no surprise that London-based roasters regularly appear in our coffee boxes and this month is no exception.

Ozone Coffee Roasters was originally founded in 1998 in the New Zealand town of New Plymouth on the North Island and almost twenty years later it is a force to be reckoned with. Since arriving on British shores and setting up shop near London’s iconic Old Street roundabout, Ozone has been combining characteristic Kiwi hospitality with a British passion for detail that has translated into a friendly café-cum-restaurant where the food is excellent, the people are wonderful and the coffee is outstanding.

Coffee bar at Ozone

Coffee bar at Ozone

The UK branch of Ozone is run by charismatic duo Lizzie and James Gurr who have an enviable sense for precision, and for many people Ozone’s quality is the gold standard that others aspire to. We first featured one of Ozone’s coffees more than two years ago and we feel honoured to work with our good friends again for this month’s yummy coffee box.

Ozone recently underwent a rebranding excercise that has seen them adopt sleek and minimalistic brand identity that goes beautifully with their excellent journal. The journal is Ozone’s creative way to expand their story-telling that includes more than just their trusted coffee producers and sheds some light on some of their customers and other coffee-related stories that might otherwise not get the attention they deserve.

Roasting at Ozone

Roasting at Ozone

The coffee that we will be featuring in our October ’17 box alongside delicious single origins from Puchero and KB Coffee is a Kokola from the Jimma district in Ethiopia. Several hundred smallholder farmers produce a mix of Limu heirloom coffee that is processed at the Kokola station. The station itself is run by the Kata Mudaga union who represents producers in the Agaro region and has committed itself to directing 10% of profits towards social projects that benefit the region.

Coffee drying in Agaro

Coffee drying in Agaro

During our blind-cupping session last month, this beautiful coffee really stood out for its round body, layers of fruit and medium acidity. It perfectly complements the single origins offered by our other two roasters.

Our October '17 lineup

Our October ’17 lineup

Receive this coffee together with excellent single origins from Puchero and KB Coffee in our upcoming October ’17 box.

Preorder your box by 15-10 / ships on 20-10

What other happy customers say about us:

Fredrik Ohrner:  “I’m so happy with the coffee I get from you every month. The last box, with coffee from Neues Schwarz, was absolutely magical!”

Jocke Eckberg: “Absolutely love your service!”
Ilya Tsurikov: “Your most recent box was delivered really quick and that is very important to me! Thank you!”

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