La Cabra, Cócora and The Naughty Dog in our April ’20 coffee box

We're excited to share with you the lineup of our upcoming April '20 coffee box that will feature outstanding coffees from one old and two new friends

The last few weeks have been nothing short of extraordinary, sadly not in a good way. Our world is in shut down, businesses are closed and people are in isolation.

We never thought we’d ever see a situation like this in our lifetime.

Maybe we were all too comfortable and our drive to be successful made us live in oblivion of the possibility of un unexpected pandemic impacting our lives quicker than we could have ever imagined.

Obviously, our main goal now is to do what we can to continue supporting our coffee roasting community and to help people all over the world to keep enjoying their coffees.

And to do that, we’re thrilled to share with you the contents of our upcoming April ’20 coffee box that will see us working with one old friend and two new friends.

La Cabra

This award-winning outfit from Denmark was originally founded in Aarhus in 2012 and has since risen to near superstar status.

Known for its meticulous commitment to quality, transparent sourcing practices and for pushing the boundaries of the café experience, La Cabra is often seen as a role model that many aspire to.

We have been lucky to count Esben, Dane, Mikkel and the rest of the team as one of our earliest supporters and have featured many outstanding coffees from them over the years.

In April, they will be returning with a brand new Brazilian coffee from producer Milton Dantas who took over the farm that eventually became Fazenda Chapadão in 1993.

His aim was to produce high-quality specialty coffees on extremely fertile volcanic grounds and we’re excited to have one of his coffees as roasted by La Cabra in our next box.

This is a Mundo Novo natural-processed coffee with notes of rich dark chocolate and mandarine.



After Right Side Coffee in February, we have our second Spanish roaster of the year and first-time Coffeeviners Cócora from Málaga joining the club in April.

Started by Latvian IT specialist Harijs Veveris in 2017, Cócora was one of the first specialty coffee roasters in Andalucía and is helping to introduce the third wave coffee culture to the local community in Málaga and beyond.

Having received training from the likes of Joana Alm (Drop Coffee) and Scott Rao has helped the team to develop its specialty coffee profile and reach the 2nd place in the Spanish Brewer’s Cup and 3rd in the Spanish Roasting Championships, respectively.

We’re always excited to welcome new roasters to the Coffeevine family to help shine the light on what different specialty coffee businesses are doing in different parts of the world.

The coffee that we picked for the April ’20 coffee box will come from producer Hailelassie Ambaye who runs the Banko Gotiti wet mill in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia.

It’s a balanced and fresh washed coffee with notes of jasmine, rose and bergamot.


The Naughty Dog

This newcomer from Czechia might not be familiar to many but the people behind it probably will be.

Founded by Petra and Gwilym Davies, the coffee power couple who between them have won several national Barista and one World Championship, The Naughty Dog is the roasting business attached to their highly successful training centre in the Czech town of Jílové u Prahy.

I saw Gwilym in Amsterdam and London last year where he gave me some samples and told me he’d love to be considered for The Coffeevine box when the time was right.

It might have taken us another year to join forces but we’re incredibly excited to finally have these two lovely people in our midst.

You might also know Gwilym as one of the founders of the legendary London coffee bar Prufrock. Yep. He’s had his fingers in a few different pies while Petra released a critically acclaimed book about coffee in the Czech language called ‘Velká kniha o kávě’ or ‘A big book about coffee’ in English.

During our cupping recently, the washed Kenyan coffee from Rianjagi, a cooperative located in Embu county on the slopes of Mount Kenya.

It was a surprisingly mild Kenyan coffee, offering the key vibrant profile characteristics of a Kenyan coffee but with more mellow undertones.

Expect some cola and black cherry flavour notes in there.


Keen to enjoy these outstanding coffees?

Sign up for a subscription or purchase a one-off box today to receive our April ’20 coffee box.

And help us to keep supporting our roasters!


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