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Modus Coffee from Vancouver | in our October ’19 coffee box

Modus Coffee from Vancouver makes up the exciting trio of Canadian roasters who are coming together for our extra special October ’19 coffee box

We pride ourselves on working with exciting roasters from all over the world while keeping our main focus on Europe and its outstanding range of specialty coffee roasters that are genuinely pushing the envelope.

The furthest away that any of our previously featured non-EU roasters were from was Melbourne (Padre Coffee) and Kyoto (Weekenders Coffee) and this month, we’re adding another faraway destination to our list. Vancouver, British Columbia,

In fact, it was Modus Coffee’s co-founder Sharif Sharifi who initiated this whole Canada special by reaching out to us in August and inquiring about the possibilities of working together. Without his little nudge, this might never have happened but we’re glad that it did.

In the meantime, Modus Coffee has been joined by Quietly Coffee and Propeller Coffee Co to form a very unique Coffeevine edition with three outstanding coffees that have never been available in Europe before.

But let’s go back to the beginnings of Modus Coffee first to give you a better idea of who this young outfit from Vancouver is and what makes them so unique.

Founded in 2015 by partners Sharif and Jess, Modus Coffee was the natural result of the pair’s continuing quest to find light, sweet and balanced coffees that tell the story of their producers while offering the coffee drinker a unique flavour experience too.

Together, Sharif and Jess have over fifteen years of experience in coffee and gained a huge amount of experience at former venture Pallet Coffee Roasters. Yet, they felt that there was a gap in the market that they could fill with their uncomplicated, consistent and approachable range of coffees that are the result of forming long-term relationships with purposeful producers from different nations.



Similar to its southern neighbour, Canada’s specialty coffee scene was largely centred on Vancouver for a long time before cities like Toronto and Montreal really took off. Today, Sharif tells me: “Multi-roaster shops have paved the way for a number of new micro-roasters as well. There are many people who are loyal to specific roasters, but there’s also a lot who are into just trying new things, new coffees, new roasters from abroad. lately it’s been extremely competitive! Because of this, everyone is pushing out their best. Slip-ups can’t be afforded.”

An exciting time to be in Vancouver, it seems. We’re certainly thrilled to welcome Modus Coffee to our coffee roaster family with a fabulous Costa Rican coffee from Tito Monge. This coffee was processed with the ‘reposado honey’ method, which Sharif described as: “Before de-pulping, Cristian does an extra ‘reposado’ step (meaning rest). After picking the ripest cherries, he lets the cherries sit in a sealed holding tank for 36 hours to help normalize moisture. This means a more even roast, and uniform cup.”

Rest assured, this coffee will be a delight for all of your senses from the moment you open the bag till the moment you empty the last drop from your cup.

Also featured in our October ’19 coffee box: Quietly Coffee and Propeller Coffee Co.


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