Nomad: Taking us to the lush mountains of Burundi in June

Nomad: Taking us to the lush mountains of Burundi in June

Our friends from Barcelona's legendary roaster Nomad are back in June with a delicious washed Red Bourbon from Gahehe

Nomad is one of Europe’s most iconic specialty coffee roasters and one that has worked hard to create an elevated coffee culture in its home city Barcelona and beyond. Since the beginning, I’ve had a close and warm relationship with Jordi Mestre, Francisco Gonzales and other members of the team, many of which have since gone on to set up their own roasteries like Three Marks.

For the 10-year anniversary edition of The Coffeevine I wanted to invite roasters that I really care about and who mean something special to me. Nomad is one of those. Whenever I’m in their city and I happen to find some time to meet, they either organise a cupping for me or we hang out at one of their cafés. Normally, I would be in Barcelona this very weekend to attend Primavera Sound, my favourite festival in Europe but instead, I’m bringing Barcelona to the world.

When Jordi founded Nomad as a humble coffee cart in 2011 while living in London, specialty coffee was on the rise and he took all of his hard-earned experience back with him to Barcelona where he set up shop in 2014 to take Nomad to the next level. From its iconic café in Passatge Sert to its beautiful roasting and training space in Poblenou and the many competitions that Jordi and co have won over the years, Nomad is probably at its finest today.

To help us celebrate this 10-year anniversary edition, Nomad will roast a delicious washed Burundian coffee from Gahehe. This Red Bourbon has the classic characteristics that distinguish Burundian coffees from other East African coffees. Produced by around 873 smallholder farmers who live and work in Kayanza, this coffee was grown at 1.800 meters above sea level, lending it a pronounced citrusy and floral cup profile.

This coffee has been in Nomad’s seasonal program for seven years straight and is crowd favourite at their brew bar as well as being the main ingredient for their summer cold brew cans. Though I’ve only been to Tanzania in that part of the world, whenever I think of Burundi, I picture misty mountains with rich green vegetation as far the eye can see. Burundi has ideal coffee growing conditions thanks to its healthy volcanic soil, perfect climate and high altitudes. This lends its coffees a very consistent quality, something that we’ll all get to appreciate in his upcoming June 2024 box.

So be sure to check out our extensive offerings for the 10-year anniversary edition that also includes coffees from Kawa, Origin, Null, Criteria, SUMO and Man met Bril.

To receive this excellent coffee, order our one of our European roasters selections from our shop or order the Total Package.

Pre-orders close on 15.06.2024 / Ships globally on 20.06.2024

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