Null: Our first roaster from Türikye moves into the limelight

Null: Our first roaster from Türikye moves into the limelight

Sharing an exceptionally delicious coffee from Ethiopia, Null makes its debut in our ten-year anniversary June 2024 Coffeevine edition

Türikye is one of those few countries in the world that can lay claim to having invented its very own coffee ritual and culture, though it is largely shared with neighbours like Greece. Turkish coffee or Ibrik has been enjoyed in the region for centuries ever since it was introduced to Constantinople – Istanbul’s old name – by the former governer of Yemen, Ozdemir Pasha, who shared it Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent around 1540.

Though Turkish coffee is quite different from the coffee that we enjoy here, it has played a crucial role in creating a relationship with coffee amongst the population of modern Türkiye, Greece, Armenia and other nations. When I was in Istanbul in 2017, I was really excited to see how many specialty coffee roasters and cafés had opened their doors all over the city with many of them also offering their take on Turkish coffee. There is even such a thing as fortune telling using coffee grounds that remain in the cup. I wonder what I’d learn about my own fortune?

Since discovering Istanbul’s vibrant specialty coffee scene, I’ve been wanting to feature a Turkish roaster in one of our Coffeevine editions but it literally took seven years to get there. Don’t ask! The good thing is, it was worth the wait. Because I’m not super familiar with the local scene, I asked my friend and former Coffeevine ambassador Levent Öncü if he could recommend a particular roaster and one of his top picks was Null from Istanbul, a brand that was founded by Kemal Serkan Araz and Cihan Baspinar in 2007.

Serkan and Cihan started Null as a way to allow people to reconnect with coffee in its purest form. Türkiye, like most other countries, has its fair share of bad quality commercial coffee brands that can be found in most households and this inspired Serkan and Cihan to found Null. It grated them that for so long everything was made for fast and convenient consumption but luckily, the tide has turned and consumers are once again looking to reconnect with nature and the products they consume every day. Coffee is no exception, of course.

Their café is not just a place where you can enjoy their fine coffees but it’s also a place where leading chefs, mixologists and other people come together to exchange ideas, experiences and recommendations. Null sources exceptional coffees that are roasted to perfection by a highy skilled team and consequently enjoyed by people from all walks of life. I am super excited to have this roaster in our ten-year anniversary edition for June with a really outstanding anaerobic washed Ethiopian coffee from the Rumudamo Washing Station. On the cupping table, this coffee really stood out with its vibrant cup profile that reminded us of rhubarb and strawberry soda.

To receive this excellent coffee, order our Global roasters selections from our shop.

Pre-orders close on 15.06.2024 / Ships globally on 20.06.2024

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