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Paper Mill: Estonia’s top specialty roaster leads the way

Paper Mill: Estonia’s top specialty roaster leads the way

Back for its second Coffeevine feature, Paper Mill from Estonia will be roasting a sweet and delicious natural processed coffee from Uganda

There are so many roasters out there who proudly admit that they got their original training or inspiration while travelling through Australia or New Zealand. Down Under has played an outsized role in the development of the European specialty coffee scene, either inspiring European backpackers to pick up the trade or exporting skilled baristas to cities from Berlin to Amsterdam who set up their own businesses.

However, you don’t need to venture that far to find a world class coffee scene that has also produced a lot of skilled baristas and roasters who eventually returned to their European home countries to set up highly successful specialty coffee businesses. And that scene is London.

For Estonian expats Margus Varvas and Kristel Parts, London was home for nearly a decade and the place where they began their highly successful coffee carrer. I vividly recall visiting one of their Mission Coffee Works outlet near Angel station several times and having them as our subscribers for a while. In 2020, after the pandemic hit, they sat down one day and tried to evaluate if London still offered what they wanted from life. By this point, they had started a family and life in the big smoke has become much more challenging. Eventually, they decided that it was time to head back to their native Estonia and try their luck there.

That’s how Paper Mill was born. Located inside an old paper mill from the Soviet era, the café and roastery quickly became one of Tallinn’s favourite new hangouts and helped to put it on the global specialty coffee map. Despite Estonia’s close proximity to Scandinavia, Finland in particular, it took a little longer to catch the specialty coffee train. Yet, being a tech start up hub in the region also meant that Estonia has attracted a major influx of expats who moved there for the quality of life and vibrant business scene.

Since the early days, Paper Mill has grown to various locations around town and continues to source really exquisite coffees from around the world that are roasted to perfection on its Probat P12 roaster. We’re excited to have Paper Mill back in a Coffeevine box this month with a really yummy natural processed SL14 & SL28 coffee from Uganda’s Bulambuli processing station.

This is a relatively new station that was built by Nordic Approach’s long time partners Ibero Coffee and it has since become a reliable source of outstanding coffees. This particular batch is a natural-processed lot that offers a rich and layered flavour profile with notes of dried peach, milk chocolate and baked apple. It’s a delicious coffee to brew as a pour over or to use in milk-based espresso drinks.

To receive this excellent coffee along with its companions in the European roasters selection, visit order our shop to choose your ideal box to or order the Total Package with all European roasters and our two Global roasters.

Pre-orders close on 15.05.2024 / Ships globally on 20.05.2024

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