Our second coffee from Honduars this year will be roasted for us by British Coffeevine newcomers UE Coffee Roasters from near Oxford.

UE Coffee Roasters reached out to us a few months ago to pitch the idea of working together and we immediately hit it off with the team. We love their aesthetic and their commitment to sourcing outstanding coffees that really tell the stories of the farmers and their terroir.

We don’t often feature Honduran coffees, yet following the gorgeous choice from Belleville that was part of our April 2021 Coffeevine box and came from Neptaly Bautista whose coffee was part of a fundraiser to rebuild the Santa Barbara region of Honduras that was devastated by two hurricanes in 2020.

This next ambassador for the small Central American country will come from female producer Aracely Martinez who took over her father Felipe Martinez who, in turn, had been in coffee production since the 1990’s. The farm is relatively small, covering 1.39 hectares and includes 7200 coffee plants of which the majority is of the IH90 variety and the remainder made up of Catimor and Catuaí.

Most of her production is organic and she usually has two harvests a year, using natural fertilizer to help the plants recuperate from the fruiting and to help the other plants that are harvested later.

The coffees are handpicked by Aracely and her husband before they’re laid out overnight to be sorted and pulped the next morning before a 4 hours fermentation. Then, the beans are washed and laid out to dry for around 15 days.

In addition, Aracely is also the manager of a local organisation called Tierra Lenca to help other female producers market their coffees and importer Keynote Coffee is running a project to help finance communal drying stations, moisture meters, thermohygrometers and farmer trainings.

This coffee is absolutely delicious with a velvety mouthfeel and a fresh cup profile with notes of tropica fruits and peach. It is part of our upcoming August 2021 Coffeevine box and you get your own coffee subscription right here.

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