✓ Unique monthly coffee boxes

✓ free tracked delivery in Europe

✓ chosen by experts

✓ chosen by experts

✓ free tracked delivery in Europe

✓ Unique monthly coffee boxes

Our coffee subscription box

From: 21.00 Incl. Dutch VAT / month

Customers in other regions pay a surcharge for tracked delivery. DHL Europlus and UPS is available to some destinations.

This month's Roasters

POP Coffee Works, Man Met Bril & UE Coffee Roasters / Ships on 20-08-2021


The Coffeevine coffee subscription box is the ultimate coffee lover’s must-have. Every month, you’ll receive a spectacular selection of coffees from the world’s most exciting roasters delivered straight to your door. Never miss out on any edition, never run out of coffee. Choose between 1 and 5 bags and select your preferred roast profile. Join hundreds of other coffee lovers around the world who are already Coffeevine members.

Please note: Some of my roasters work with omni-roast profiles instead of separate profiles for filter and espresso. Your bags will come with a custom Coffeevine sticker to indiciate which profile they have.

Your coffee subscription box delivery will start with the upcoming August 2021 Coffeevine box featuring an exciting tropical selection selection of coffees from POP Coffee Works, Man Met Bril and UE Coffee Roasters. All boxes will ship on 20.08.2021.

How we allocate our coffees:

Small box: One of our three coffees

Medium box: Two of our three coffees

Large box: All of our three coffees

Extra Large box: Four bags from our selection of three coffees

Extra Extra Large box: Five bags from our selection of three coffees

If you prefer certain coffees form our monthly lineup, you can add a note at checkout to tell us about your preference.

Roast profiles:

Filter: Ideal for any pourover brew method or the likes of the Aeropress, Clever Dripper and Siphon.

Espresso: Most suitable for pulling shots on your home espresso machine or if you prefer darker roasted coffees as filter.

Mixed: Will include a selection of filter and espresso roasted coffees. You can indicate in the order notes how many bags you wish to receive per profile.

Please note: Some roasters only offer omni-roast profiles. These are intended to be used for both filter and espresso.

Cancellation policy:

You can cancel any time after a period of 3 months. If you just want to try our coffee box out, please opt for the ‘one-off’ box instead.

Additional information

Box size

, , , ,

Roast Profile

Espresso, Filter, Mixed


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Our coffee subscription box
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