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In our August '19 coffee box / Jonas Reindl, The Barn & Dark Arts

Once again uniting three unique roasters and their exquisite coffees, the forthcoming August ’19 coffee box will be packed with delicious aroma and flavour. For this edition, we will be teaming up with Jonas Reindl from Vienna, The Barn from Berlin and Dark Arts from London for an epic coffee experience that you don’t want to miss!

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Jonas Reindl

Finca Hartmann – Santa Clara

1.400 – 2.000masl

Pacamara – Natural

Spicy, chocolate & creamy

Roasted in Austria



The Barn

Mohamed Ali – Jimma


Mixed heirloom – Honey

Black tea & silky

Roasted in Germany



Dark Arts

Babalon Working – El Quebradon

1.650 – 1.859masl

Caturra, Castillo & Colombia – Washed

Blueberries & butter cream

Roasted in the UK

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Featuring carefully selected coffees from Jonas Reindl, The Barn & Dark Arts | Preorder now


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Beth Papenbrock


“Awesome specialty coffee subscription with nice packaging and a lot of background information about every coffee.”

Tomi Cafferata


“Forget having to get coffee from the store. This monthly delivery of three delicious coffees is all you’ll ever need!”

Nathalie Miller


“I don’t like to exaggerate, but this coffee box is like having Christmas delivered to your door every month.”

Toshikazu Muromoto


“The Coffeevine doesn’t compromise on quality, and that is something you can taste. They blind-taste all their coffees before a selection is made so we get to enjoy nothing but the best!”

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