Reykjavik Roasters – Reykjavik (IS)

Icelandic coffee culture at its best

  • opening times:
    Mo - Fr: 8 - 18, Sa: 9 - 17, Su: 11 - 17
  • wifi:
  • urls:
  • price check:
    350kr / Flat White: 490kr
  • machine:
    La Marzocco GB/5
  • coffees on offer:
    various home roasted coffees
  • milk:
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There is something truly magical about Iceland. Its remoteness, its incredible landscapes, its culture and its food all make this small but fascinating country one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. For a good reason.

The charming bar

The charming bar

Its small and compact capital Reykjavik is a friendly city that sports world-class music events, unfathomable culinary adventures, and most importantly, excellent coffee.

The roaster

The roaster

One its leading coffee spots is Reykjavik Roasters, a small coffee bar and roastery just at the top of Frakkastigur. Previously known as Kaffismiðja Íslands, Reykjavik roasters is run by an award-winning collective consisting of Imma, Tumi, Torfi and Dussy.



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The place feels more like someone’s living room and it’s not unusual to see groups of locals knitting pairs of gloves while sipping on a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.

The view was not quite like this but you get the idea


Coffees are roasted on a compact Dutch-built 6kg Giesen roaster and the team carefully selects the coffees it wants to source, roast and sell.

People working away in the cozy back

People working away in the cozy back

In a country that experiences endless nights of winter and short summers, coffee is the fuel that keeps it ticking. But not matter what the purpose of your visit is, make sure you pay these guys a visit!

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What our reader said

admin said:

Hi Matt that's a shame to hear. We really liked their coffee but of course it's always a subjective matter.

Matt P said:

This place is not all that. I had a double shot today that was so bad i had to spit it out. Place was busy and they were pulling plenty of shots, but maybe they were just going through the motions. Could be they were still hung over from Saturday night; something was definitely off as the espresso was horribly sour. With the multiple awards on the wall and good looking roast in the grinder, I thought it'd be incredible. Instead it was incredibly bad.

yamandu said:

I love this place !!!

Femi said:

We had been here as well last September, the coffee was great and so was the cinnamon scone! Reykjavik is filled with independent places that serve good coffee! <3

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