Check out the exquisite July 2024 selection of coffees

Check out the exquisite July 2024 selection of coffees

After marking our ten year anniversary in June, we're starting the second decade with a brilliant selection of coffees in July

As we gear up for our 10-year anniversary celebration on the 5th of July, I am constantly finding my self reflecting on the incredible journey I’ve had over the past decade and the sheer amount of coffees I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying. Most of them were fantastic, some average and a few mediocre. Now that I’m entering the second decade of The Coffeevine, I’m excitied by what the future might bring.

We kick off with a really fantastic lineup of fresh and delicious coffees for our forthcoming July 2024 Coffeevine editions featuring three European and two Global roasters. Through their coffees, we’ll get a glimpse of their own stories, their relationships and their philosophies. I hope you’ll enjoy these coffees as much as I enjoyed selecting them for you.



Kalve from Riga in Latvia

The Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are small but prospeous nations with rich histories and bright futures. Latvia, the biggest of the three, has a stunning capital city with a vibrant specialty coffee scene of which Kalve is a part. We first worked with Kalve back in 2022 and we’re super happy to bring them back as one of Latvia’s leading specialty coffee ambassadors.

Kalve is much bigger than you might think, running many cafés around the country and a large B2B operation too but their focus on the highest quality specialty coffees is unmistakable. With an award-winning team and all the latest equipment for roasting exceptional coffees, Kalve is a force to be reckoned with. For its second-ever Coffeevine feature, Kalve will roast a delicious washed Peruvian coffee (we’ve had quite a few of those lately). This one is from El Zorzal, a farm run by Aladino Perez who has been cooking up exceptional coffees for the past four years. It’s sweet and dreamy.

Available with a single roast profile.

Replica from Leuven in Belgium

Our first Coffeevine debutant in the July 2024 edition is Replica from Belgium. Founded by Jasper de Clerck and his girlfriend Ester, Replica is the latest iteration of a specialty coffee chameleon whose experience includes a stint in Berlin and running Tane, a previous Coffeevine partner. Replica is a fresh new take on the micro roastery business that allows Jasper and Ester to combine their nearly 20 years of experience in coffee and food to create something new and exciting.

We met Jasper and Ester and this year’s Amsterdam Coffee Festival where we got a chance to taste some of their coffees and instantly fell in love with what their stand for. Their coffees are crisp and clean and perfectly showcase their terroir, something we often miss with in trendy fermented lots. Their debut coffee for The Coffeevine is a fresh and fruity washed Red Bourbon from Shyira in Rwanda. Classic, tasty, delicious.

Available with a separate roast profiles for filter and espresso.

Create from Athens in Greece

Last year, I visited the Greek capital to attend the World of Coffee and to retrace some of my steps from an earlier visit a few years prior where I detailed the city’s vibrant specialty coffee scene with a bunch of reviews for my blog. Indeed much had changed and some cafés I’d visited had disappeared but many new ones had also popped up. One such new arrival is Create, which was only set up in 2023 and has since risen to the Greek specialty coffee elite.

It was set up by four friends, one of which is the former World Brewers Cup Champion Stefanos Domatiotis. Also present at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival, Create and us had already been in touch before the festival but after tasting a bunch of their coffees there, we knew they’d be a great fit for our box. For their first Coffeevine feature, they will roast a sweet and creamy natural Panamanian coffee from Piedra de Lino. This coffee is everything that we love in a natural processed coffee.

Available with a single profile for filter and espresso.


September from Ottawa in Canada

Canadian roasters have been a regular staple of our Coffeevine boxes long before we launched the Global roasters selection. For whatever reason, they just love working with us and we love work with them. The latest name to join the fold is September Coffee from Ottawa, a microroastery that was founded by Kyle and Natasha Roswell with the help of a highly successful Kickstarter campaign.

Since then, Kyle and Natasha have created a super successful brand with a fiecely loyal following. It’s known for sourcing exceptionally delicious coffees from small-scale producers and for bringing out all of the delicious sweetness that each coffee contains. We’re super thrilled to have them in this edition with an unusual Chiroso variety from Colombian producer David Berrio. This coffee is fresh and juicy.

Available with a filter roast profile.

Ritrovare from Taichung in Taiwan

When I visited Taiwan in 2016, the country’s very own Berg Wu had just been crowned World Barista Champion. Suddenly, all eyes were on the small island nation in the South China Sea that is a hub for tech, cycling and specialty coffee. I was blown away by the all the fantastic coffee shops and roasters I found then but I didn’t make it down to Taichung, Taiwan’s third biggest city. That is where Ashton Huang founded Ritrovare in 2017 after starting his coffee journey by cultivating coffee in the Taiwanese mountains. Many people don’t know this but Taiwan is a small-scale coffee producer too.

We’re excited to introduce you to this ambitious outfit from Taichung that is known for its meticulous sourcing of exceptional coffees and roasting them to perfection. Ashton still supports local Taiwanese growers too but for his Coffeevine debut, we picked a beautiful floral and citrusy Geisha (Baby Geisha) from Ethiopian producer Gummay Woreda.

Available with a filter roast profile.

We bring you one step closer to the world’s best roasters.

You can choose between our European or Global roasters selections or buy the Total Package.

You can order this selection until 15.07.2024 / All July 2024 boxes will ship on 22.06.2024

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