Floozy Coffee: Women-led power house on a mission

Floozy Coffee: Women-led power house on a mission

Our newest roasting partner from Australia, Floozy Coffee is working hard to break the patriarchy by being more inclusive and welcoming

When we launched the Global Coffeevine roasters selection earlier in 2023, one of the most exciting parts was trying to find new roasters to work with that were not European. Since The Coffeevine first got started in 2014, we’ve had the immense pleasure of partnering with the best roasters in Europe and sometimes even featuring a few names from other parts of the world. Yet, despite having a small list of names that I was keen to contact, I needed way more input to create a proper pipeline of roasters to invite to our new box.

One name that kept coming back whenever I asked for leads on Instagram was Floozy Coffee from Newcastle in Australia. This friendly women-led outfit that was founded by Kristy (KMAC) Mujana and her partner Hal back in 2017 has a simple mission: to offer a more diverse and inclusive approach to specialty coffee in a traditionally ego-driven and male-dominated industry.

Kmac wanted to break the stereotypical image that people might have of the hipster barista or tattoed roaster. Initially, she admitted in an interview, it was not easy and there were some men in the industry who almost took offense at her posting updates about her life as a female roaster but there was also a lot of support. At The Coffeevine, we always champion women-led roasteries and try to showcase female coffee producers whenever possible.

Another interesting aspect is the name of the business, Floozy. Traditionally a derogatory term used to describe a young woman with many sexual partners, read slut, Kmac decided that a man can also be a floozy. Everyone can be a floozy. So, why not own the slur and turn it into a strength? As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community for which there are many slurs, I can relate to that.

Kmac and Hal, who I’ve met via video call a few times, are absolutely charming and their commitment to building strong relati0nships with their suppliers and customers is evident in their fun and inclusive packaging and communication that aims to highlight what makes their coffees special.

For the January 2024 box cupping, Floozy Coffee sent us a really delicious washed Colombian coffee from Los Idolos; a group of small holder farmers from Huila in Colombia. This is a great example of Floozy’s commitment to sourcing coffees from ethical producers who care about their communities.

This is a blend of Caturra, Typica and Bourbon that come together to offer a delicious, well-rounded everyday cup of coffee with notes of mandarin, chocolate and panela.

To receive this outstanding coffee and its companions for the January 2024 Coffeevine box with Global roasters, visit the Global Coffeevine box product page or buy the Total package that also includes our European roasters selection for January. Pre-orders close on 15.01.2024 / Ships globally on 22.01.2024

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