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✓ Unique Monthly Coffee Boxes

✓ Global Tracked Delivery

✓ Chosen By Experts

Meet our extravagant lineup for March 2024

Meet our extravagant lineup for March 2024

Get ready to enjoy a really outstanding selection of coffees from the likes of Kava, Slowmov, Fjord, Rise and Loveless in March 2024

Last week, I hosted a super fun and informal public cupping event in Barcelona that was attended by local Coffeevine subscribers, customers and fans. I love doing these events in different cities because they allow me to have some much-needed face time with my customers. During this particular edition, which was hosted by Slowmov, we tasted our way around a table full of potential candidates for the March 2024 Coffeevine editions and now you can learn more about the winning coffees.

These will be roasted for us by five very different and very talented roasters from around the world who I am very thrilled to have on board. Ready to get to know them? Let’s go!



Kava from Split

Croatia is a wonderful place. It has such a rich history and its culture is a blend of many different influences. As you travel around the country, you see Roman ruins, beautifully preserved towns like Rovinj that have a Venetian air about them and stunning natural beauty. Although it is probably the most cosmopolitan of the Balkan countries, its homegrown specialty coffee scene is still relatively small. In nearly ten years of The Coffeevine, we only ever worked with one Croatian roaster.

Now, it’s time to introduce you to a second; Kava from Split. Originally founded on the island of Hvar by two wedding photographers who had fallen in love with specialty coffee during their many travels, Kava quickly became community favourite serving outstanding coffee. Kava is very much a family affair and they also refer to their company as the Kava Family. I first came across this brand thanks to my friend Chris Balz who runs Omen Café in Hamburg and after reaching out to Kava, they loved the idea of working with us.

They will be roasting a really delicious washed Peruvian coffee from Cedros Cooperative for this box. This coffee stood out on the cupping table thanks to its super mellow juicy cup and exquisite mouthfeel.

Available with a single profile for filter & espresso

Slowmov from Barcelona

Our hosts for the blind cupping last week were also included on the table but didn’t know which coffees were theirs in the running order. I made sure to keep the whole thing really interesting and fair for every roaster. François and Carmen, the charming owners of Slowmov and dear friends of mine, were both there cupping with us and you can probably imagine they were delighted when one of their fine coffees came in one of the top spots.

I love Slowmov. It’s such a friendly and warm place and the owners always make sure you have the best experience. Every time I’m in Barcelona, I make a detour to visit them. They recently opened a new café in Gràcia and are currently installing a brand new coffee roaster in their old space. Exciting times to have them on board.

For this Coffeevine edition, they will roast a really exquisit Panamaian coffee from Giovana Boutet that was processed with a very short anaerobic treatment that gives this coffee very bright taste akin to a washed Kenya but with the juiciness of a Central American coffee.

Available with a filter roast profile only

Our espresso customers will receive a slightly different Panamanian coffee from Creativa Coffee District that was also processed with a short anaerobic treatment and has a rich and creamy texture.

Available with an espresso roast profile only

Fjord Coffee from Berlin

Our third European roaster in March is Fjord who we’ve worked with many times before. Founded by the owners of Father Carpenter and Silo Coffee, Fjord quickly found its place in the competitive Berlin coffee scene and they have won many awards with their coffees over the years. Most recently, Erik Freudenberg became the German Brewers Cup Champion using one of Fjord’s coffees.

Fjord is a no-nonsense roaster that focuses on high quality coffees from trusted partners and their coffees are always a delight. I’m excited to have them back in a Coffeevine box in March, this time with a really yummy washed Peruvian coffee. This one will be coming from Puente Soledad in Cajamarca and like the one from Kava, offers a super juicy and delicious cup of coffee that you’ll want to be drinking all day every day.

Available with separate profiles for filter and espresso


Rise from Bangkok

After presenting our first Thai coffee as part of our GEMS series last year, interest from our customers in Thai coffees massively increased. This is not really surprising given the fact that Thailand not only produces some really oustanding coffees but is also home to a super vibrant local coffee scene. So, what better way to showcase more outstanding Thai coffee than to invite a Thai roaster to our global selection for March, right?

Rise was founded Kasidis Laoboonmee in Bangkok after he started roasting coffee in his garage and got hooked. At its roastery, Rise is guided by exploration, experimentation and explanation, three simply words that inform its approach to building a healthy local coffee community that thrives on exchanging knowledge. Being so close to coffee farmers also means that most of Rise’s coffees are direct trade.

It will make its Coffeevine debut with a really stunning coffee from producer Goh Chaosuwanwilai. This was probably the most divisive coffee on the table in Barcelona thanks to its very pronounced cup profile that has notes of bright berries and very ripe grape.

Available with a filter roast profile only

Loveless from Brooklyn

Late last year, my partner Michal and I went to New York for a few days and while in town, I tried to explore as much of the local coffee scene as I could. My previous visit the Big Apple was many years ago and a lot had changed since then. Strangely enough, I didn’t know about Loveless Coffee until I came back and was contacted by someone from their team to find out about the possibilities for working together.

Founded by long-time friends and baristas Will Douglas and Joe Wieczorek, Loveless has a café and roastery in Bushwick where it serves up its Loring roasted coffee treasures. Its approach to sourcing is informed by a desire to find unique coffees that tell a story of their origin.

Nothing could be more fitting for the outstanding washed Kenyan coffee from Kiunyu Factory that made it into our March 2024 Coffeevine edition. This coffee is fresh, crisp and so tasty!

Available with a single profile for filter & espresso


We bring you one step closer to the world’s best roasters.

You can choose between our European and Global selections or simply order the entire lineup with our brand new ‘total package’ box. Find out more on the product pages or view our shop to see all options.

You can order this selection until 15.03.2024 / All March 2024 boxes will ship on 20.03.2024

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