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Meet our fabulous May 2024 roasters from around the world

Meet our fabulous May 2024 roasters from around the world

Get ready to enjoy a stellar selection of delicious coffees in May from MAMAM, Paper Mill, Good Life, Nylon and Dark Horse Coffee.

Less than 48 hours ago, I came back from the epic London Coffee Festival, which was again another big hit this year. From the first moment I entered the Truman Brewery, I ran into countless friends and colleagues and over the course of the next few hours, I made even more new friends. Though it is quite overwhelming and I end up running out of steam after a few hours, it’s always worth the trip. My London Coffee Festival bag was chock full of fabulously packaged coffees that different people forced me to take. Oh, how I hate being The Coffeevine, ha ha!

While I take my time to work my way through those beauties, I am thrilled to share with you more details about our upcoming May 2024 Coffeevine selections that include half a dozen delicious coffees from five seriously talented roasters. Check them out below and be sure to order your Coffeevine box before 15.05.2024 to receive this selection.


MAMAM from Szczecin in Poland

How many times have I been contacted by someone who used to roast or work for a famous roaster somewhere and then decided to go their own way? Obviously that’s how most new roasters get their start and I’m always excited to hear from people who took all their learnings from one place and decided to try something new on their own.

MAMAM is a collective from the western city of Szczecin in Poland and it was founded by four specialty coffee industry heavyweights: Michal Sowinski, Adam Rosolowski, Alicja Borowa and Martyna Sikora. Thought this has not yet been confirmed, I believe that their initials inspired the name of the business.

Though both Adam and Martyna co-founded Szczecin’s leading specialty roastery Alternatywnie, it is Michal who I am most familiar with from his time at Fjord Coffee Roasters amongst other Berlin roasters. MAMAM is a fresh new roastery that is inspired by fashion and simplicity. They want to source and roast super tasty coffees for everyone and certainly succeeded with winning over our hearts during our most recent cupping session where their washed Kenya from Rung’eto Kii was a total standout.

This is a classic Kenyan coffee consisting of SL-28 & SL-34 varieties with a fresh and vibrant cup profile.

Available with a filter roast profile.

Our espresso customers will instead receive a delicious washed Red Bourbon from Bumbogo in Rwanda.

Paper Mill from Tallinn in Estonia

Estonia’s leading specialty coffee roastery was founded in 2020 by industry veterans Margus Varvas and Kristel Parts who had spent the previous years cutting their teeth in the competitive London specialty coffee scene. After selling their last venture, Mission Coffee Works, they decided to return to their home country to set up a local roastery and café where they could apply their hard-earned skills while being closer to friends and family.

In 2022, Paper Mill made its Coffeevine debut and it has since gone from strength to strength. These days it runs two cafés in the Estonian capital and sources anywhere between 20 and 30 unique coffees every year. We’re glad to bring Paper Mill back for a fresh new feature in May, this time with a delicious natural processed Ugandan coffee from Bulambuli station. Expect notes of dried peach, milk chocolate and baked apple.

Available with separate roast profiles for filter & espresso

Good Life Coffee from Helsinki in Finland

A few years ago, I had a wonderful intern working for me remotely from Helsinki and it was through him that I managed to get more acquainted with the Finnish specialty coffee scene. In 2021, I visited the Finnish capital and hosted a cupping at a local roastery (which I repeated again in 2023), which was part of the Helsinki Coffee Week’s program that year. Though Finland drinks the most coffee per capital, it was for long relatively unknown as a leader in specialty coffee. In the last few years, this has definitely changed and people like Lauri Pipinen from Good Life Coffee are fuelling this movement.

First featured in a Coffeevine box in 2022, Good Life is now making a comeback after recently having won the ‘Nordics Best Roaster’ Award at Nordic Fest in Gothenburg in February. Good Life is driven by a relentless ambition to source outstanding and exciting coffees and we’re excited to bring you yet another one of their highlights, a washed Peruvian coffee from the Sector el Campo collective. This coffee is fresh and sweet with notes of yellow fruits, macadamia and honey.

Available with separate roast profiles for filter & espresso


Nylon from Singapore in Singapore

As Asia’s most cosmopolitan city, Singapore has always been a melting pot for many cultures. From the British to the Chinese and the Malays to the Indians. These days, the city is home to a baffling number of nationalities who call the well-run city state home. Singaport is definitely known for its outstanding food and increasingly, it’s also a hotspot for specialty coffee.

I’ve been wanting to work with a Singaporean roaster for a long time and found just the one in Nylon. Though you might think that the name was inspired by the versatile material, it is actually a nod to Dennis and Jia Min’s history of living in both New York and London for many years, hence Ny-Lon. Like many specialty coffee people, neither of them had a background in specialty coffee but found their calling after experiencing it in these cities.

Nylon was established after Dennis and Jia moved back to their native Singapore and it has been a pioneer in the local coffee scene every since. We’re excited to welcome Nylon to The Coffeevine in May with a truly outstanding washed Ethiopian coffee from Nensebo Riripa. This is your classic floral Ethiopian with a touch of bergamot in the finish.

Available with a filter roast profile only

Dark Horse from San Diego in the USA

A few weeks ago, I posted something on Instagram about one of my favourite roasters in Amsterdam and suddenly found a comment from a San Diego based roaster below the post. I really love the internet sometimes. A few DM’s after and Bryan Charlson of Dark Horse Coffee and I were already on a video call discussing how we could work together. I instantly took a liking to Dark Horse’s funky branding and range of excellent coffees. It was then just a matter of getting this San Diego power house to send over some samples.

Given how excited Bryan and his brother Daniel were about a potential Coffeevine feature, they went all out with the coffees they sent for our cupping but it was ultimately the extraordinary Hydro Honey processed Orange Bourbon from Finca El Mirador in Colombia that stole the show. This coffee is tart but sweet. As my partner Michal said during the cupping: “This coffee is just so unusal and interesting.” If Michal thinks that, then so will you.

Available with a filter roast profile only

We bring you one step closer to the world’s best roasters.

You can choose between our European, or Global selections or simply order the entire lineup with our brand new ‘total package’ box. Find out more on the product pages or view our shop to see all options.

You can order this selection until 15.05.2024 / All May 2024 boxes will ship on 20.05.2024

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